Your Rights To Free Speech Suppressed

Imagine your right to free speech being suppressed. Is this possible in the United States of America? Doesn’t the First Amendment assure all of us the right to free speech within our country? Doesn’t that document more or less state that we have true and real rights to free speech and not be subjugated to the suppression of free speech?

Ask any constitutional expert and they will probably tell you that your right to free speech is basically unlimited unless your use of free speech may be injurious directly to our national security. Does this mean that when conservative voices in this country speak up that they are posing a risk to our national security? Is this why some are attempting to suppress our rights to free speech?

How Your Voice Is Suppressed

Conservatives we know, do not believe that free speech should be suppressed. We believe that we have the right to stand up and say the things that are on our minds.  Even if it is a conservative statement in what seems to be like a liberal world in the United States. They are not telling us directly that we cannot speak freely. Their method of trying to suppress our free speech is done by other means. 

  • Means such as threatening lawsuits against the speaker. 
  • The possible arrest of lawful protestors.
  • Proclaiming through liberal biased mainstream media that it’s false or worse yet, not mentioning it at all.
  • Saying that things could never possibly happen the way a conservative says they will and/or claiming it’s a “conspiracy theory.” 
  • Being censored by Big Tech and Major Social Media platforms.
  • Being canceled by liberal movements and ideologues.

We believe that they will use any means possible to suppress our free speech and the message that we wish to get out to the public. After all, if there is only one message being broadcast then you are left out of other options. By spreading just one message, slowly you will only see and ultimately believe that there is only one way that things could happen. 

A Look Back At Free Speech

Let’s take a look back to just before the middle of the previous century. Wasn’t there a number of leaders that basically did the same thing?  Take a look at how all of that turned out. Is this the direction that we feel our world should be headed? Or do we think that anytime we wish to espouse our views, that they should not be suppressed? Aren’t some of these same things happening in places around the world right now? Even in the U.S. right now history appears to be being written in front of our very eyes. If we can’t look back at history and learn from its lessons, then we are destined to have them repeated.

Not Our Founding Fathers Intentions

Frankly, free speech suppression is not what our founding fathers had in mind during the formation of this country. Free speech suppressed is not free speech and not how we want to live. Is this the way you think we should live or do you think that unless it affects national security that we should have the right to unabridged free speech?  We agree with you if you believe in the importance of free speech in the United States of America.