When the Punishment Doesn’t Fit the Crime

When Punishment does not fit the crime

We always wonder when the punishment doesn’t fit the crime in the United States. It is the reason why there are so many standards that must be met before someone can be guilty. They are judged by a jury of their peers and under the assumption of innocence till proven guilty.

However, new democrat policies are letting people off easy or without any punishment. This has lead to a massive crime wave that is sweeping across the nation, especially in democrat-run states. This leads to no punishment and the potential for the assailant to do more crimes. But what policies are causing this? Moreover, how has it led to such a huge crime wave?

Democrat Policies

So, where did this start? Well, it was the policies. While things began with the ‘defund the police movement,’ the COVID pandemic put everything into overdrive. States started to implement a No Bail policy. The states justified this policy by stating it would reduce the transmission rate of COVID-19. However, this meant allowing criminals to walk back on the street with a low bail or no bail requirement. Although this did not apply to serious crimes like attempted murder, these individuals had violated the law.

Furthermore, many attorney generals are turning a blind eye by refusing to prosecute some cases. This includes violent rioters who burn down property, organized thieves, and other criminals. These attorney generals are also changing what is considered a felony. One of these generals, Kimberly Foxx, stated she would refuse to charge people unless they steal 10 items or the stolen items are worth over $1,000.

These policies and standards set by the attorney generals have made changes. However, none of these policies worked. As a result, a huge crime wave is affecting all of the United States.

Consequences of No Punishment

The consequences of these policies are everywhere. Many violent protesters and rioters have been able to return to the streets. Due to either the low bail or the state not charging them. As a result, this has only emboldened these rioters to continue their dangerous behavior. Meanwhile, some protestors that do not follow the mainstream agenda are still in jail, even with evidence of their innocence.

Considering felony larceny is now $1,000, smash and grab incidents have been spreading in major cities. Some of these crimes are being done in broad daylight, showing how confident these criminals are. These incidents have caused many major brands to close shop and leave, affecting the local economy. After all, no storefront means fewer jobs. Although police have been trying to catch these criminals, the No Bail policy allows them to walk free. The LA police were left enraged after 14 suspects connected to 11 different ‘smash and grab’ were let out with no bail.

This No Bail policy has become deadly. In late November, Darrell Brooks drove an SUV through the Waukesha County Christmas parade. As a result, 5 people died and 48 people had serious injuries. 18 of the injured include children who had to fight for their lives in the hospitals. Many families were left devastated. All of this was preventable. You see, Brooks was charged for stalking, beating, and running over the mother of his child. With serious charges, Brooks should have been remanded or given a high bail. Right?

$1,000. Brooks’ bail was $1,000. A bail amount so inappropriate that the distracted attorney was mortified. All of these deaths and pain could have been prevented. But the decision to give people little to no bail allowed a violent criminal to walk free and kill 5 people.

The Punishment Doesn’t Fit the Crime

All of these consequences have one thing in common. The punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Rioters are free after destroying property. Repeat offenders released with little to no bail. Organizations looters can walk free. A violent criminal walks. There are clear punishments that fit these crimes. Yet, the democrat policies are saying it does not matter. To them, these crimes don’t matter. But it does. Because when punishments don’t match the crime, then injustice wins.

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