1. Right vs. Left, conservatives vs liberals, democrats vs republicans, who gives a rat’s a** give us freedom of speech, a great economy and fair elections and a hefty majority of Americans are happy. Granted there are a lot of other issues, but those can and should be solved locally. Then if you don’t like it, you can move.

  2. Todays conservatives only want a shining jewel of authoritarianism fueled by a theocracy. They want white males to prosper and live free in order to force anyone not 100% in line with them to be subservient. Definitely not free for women, minorities or anyone not Christian.

  3. there are so many exceptions to every situation in my opinion there is no i’m this or i”m that we could all only be lucky enough to have our situation be decided upon by a group of smart open minded people of which color,race,creed or sexuality has no bearing

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