Uncensored Social Media

Uncensored Social Media

Have you taken a look at most of the major social media sites lately in hopes of finding uncensored social media?

Good luck with that one.

Against The Guidelines For Acceptance

If you are liberal and agree with the political preferences of the major players of any social media site then you might find uncensored posts. However, if your leanings are more conservative, your posts may be monitored and may even be removed from their platform.

You might receive a message stating that your posts go against their guidelines for acceptance on their site. In addition, you don’t even have to be the originator of the post in question. You may simply be copying and pasting it to your profile. Boom! Down it goes and you are left to wonder why. It made it to someone else’s profile without a problem. So why was it a problem when it hit your profile?

Should You Be Monitored

Are the people running these social media sites picking certain people to watch? It’s possible. Maybe you have posted a lot of different things over time that are strong indicators of how you feel politically. If you don’t agree with the way they feel, are you targeted as someone that needs to be monitored?

Conservative and Uncensored Social Media

At Frank Speech Online we have seen some of these things happen to some people and we decided to do something about it. Our intention is to have a platform where your posts that are conservative are not banned. Your conservative posts to social media can be uncensored.

You can feel a whole new sense of freedom that your right to free speech is alive and thriving without being censored for being too controversial according to some major social media sites. In fact, we want to see your posts. We want to know that you are a supporter of conservativism in America. Also, we are not here to suppress free speech or censor conservative social media posts.

We welcome everyone that has experienced censorship in social media to join us to show how strong we truly are. Also, we want our voices heard and we want them to be heard loudly to show that our rights to free speech are just as legitimate as they feel their rights are. Other sites feel they can apply censorship to social media whenever and however they choose.

Finally, you can visit a number of uncensored social media sites and conservative broadcasts found right here through Frank Speech Online.