Two Million Illegals Are A Burden

Two Million Illegals Are A Burden

What will America do with two million illegals added to our population? Better yet, what will we do with 2 million people that we need to feed, shelter, and provide medical care for?

Let this soak in for a minute. Two million illegals. This figure is a number that most of us don’t fully comprehend. We don’t really think about what it takes to get to the figure of two million. If you have a group of 1000 and then add 999 more groups of one thousand, you have one million. So here we have 1000 groups of 1000 people and we have half of the 2 million figure we are referring to.

Illegals from other countries are storming our borders to gain entry to the United States for their new place to live, and two million is the number of people expected to try this. This number only represents the number of people expected to attempt illegal entry to the United States this year. What happens next year? Will there be more? We think that it is very possible for these numbers to increase each year as long as we have Joe Biden as president. It seems that ole Joe doesn’t seem to realize just what these numbers mean. If he does, then he simply doesn’t care. After all, he will never have to worry about them personally. For the rest of his life, he will be safely tucked away from ever having to personally deal with any of these people.

Two Million Illegals – Who Is Coming In?

We need to wonder who is in the groups of people attempting to gain entry to America. They are not mostly professional people or skilled labor. What can they offer to help our country? Unfortunately, human trafficking, new gang members, more Covid infections & poverty are a huge part of the mix. We need to think about what level of criminals are in these groups. If they are so very willing to commit the crime of illegal entry to the U.S. what else are they willing to do? There is a true crisis at the border and Joe Biden and the Democratic Party is responsible for it.

Joe Biden and all of the other liberals that don’t seem to mind people crossing our borders illegally will all need to be fed. They will need medical care, and they will all need shelter. All of these things will be provided for them at the expense of the American people. Even those that will not be allowed to stay for any reason will still need all of these things until they are sent back to where they came from. And what about when they are sent back? How will they get to where they are going? Will we pay to have them transported back? We sure will. Again, at the expense of the American taxpayer.

The Difference In Media Reports On Two Million Illegals

Why doesn’t the media report this? Why don’t they tell us that we have all of these people that are a huge burden on our country? Maybe if they did then they would look back and say that Donald Trump had the right idea when was president. Build a wall that can’t be bypassed to gain entry illegally. Do you know what else the media is not reporting?

They don’t tell you about all of the children coming in. Some are accompanied by adults while others are not. Of those with adults, are they with their parents? Once they get here, children are still being separated from adults. This happens at least temporarily. In the meantime, these children are kept separated by fences and walls. This also happened when we had Donald Trump as President. The difference between Trump and Biden in the media is that when kids were kept this way under Trump’s leadership, they were being kept in cages.

Media Coverage

Well, folks, the place is the same now as it was then. The difference when the media reports it now is that they are kept in areas with sliding doors rather than in cages. They are still kept apart and segregated at least for a while. Our border agents are then tasked with determining whether the children are with their parents. They need to try to figure out if these children are possibly being brought here as child slaves or something even more insidious. Could these kids be brought here so they can be forced into child porn?

We don’t ever wish to see bad things happening with children. Americans will do almost anything to help children, but as we have recently learned, we can’t help everyone all of the time. We need to simply block the border to illegal crossing. If people want to come here they need to follow the proper channels to do so.

We have always welcomed others to our country and will continue to do so. We need to understand that we can’t just allow another two million people this year and future years that will be nothing more than a burden on us for at least several months or longer.

Tell Our Representatives In Washington

Tell Washington that we need to once again take control of our border. We need to continue to build that wall until it is completed. Also, we don’t need Joe Biden to start tearing down sections that have already been built. In addition, we don’t need to allow Joe Biden’s dislike or hatred for Donald Trump to dictate policy in the United States. We once again need a strong leader like Mr. Trump that will keep American interests first.