Truckers Causing Major Problems In Canada

Truckers Causing Major Problems In Canada

Truckers in Canada are causing some major backups within the capital of Ottawa. They are also causing a problem at Coutts border crossing just north of Sweet Grass, Montana, where Interstate 15 is a major commercial artery for US-Canada supply chains.

Why are these truckers doing this? Obviously, there is a big reason for them to be doing this when they should be driving and making a living. It’s simple; Canadians as well as some of their American counterparts are protesting government mandates to become vaccinated against the CoronaVirus. They started out as a simple convoy causing a problem for all drivers on certain highways. Soon after, a decision was made by some of these truckers to form a blockade within the capital.

Mandatory Vaccinations Ordered For Truckers

President Biden called for mandatory vaccinations by workers in the United States. Prime Minister Trudeau decided that it sounded like a good idea so he too declared that all truck drivers in Canada needed to become mandatorily vaccinated. According to these two power-hungry mongers, the way to stop the spread of the virus is to impose authority over your body. They seem to believe that they have the right to tell you what to do with your body regardless of what your feelings are regarding being vaccinated.

The Right Of Government

Does the government have the right to tell you what to do with your body? Both of these countries are deemed to be ‘free countries’ where you have the right to make decisions regarding your personal health and welfare. If we were to hear of this in a place like North Korea or communist China, we would all say that we understand because that’s how they roll in places of communist regimes. Their leaders feel that they can make anyone do anything at their “beck and call”. Should the same thing be happening here or in Canada? Apparently, truck drivers don’t agree with the agenda of their leaders and are willing to fight back against it happening to them.

The Power Of The People

The protests are being done to show the power of the people. By their protest, they have the ability to shut down the country rather quickly by tying up and closing down the already frail supply lines that we are constantly reminded of. Trucks loaded with goods that are needed for our daily living are sitting and not making their way to store shelves. Everyone suffers as a result of this occurring.

Will this blockade help to get the point across to Trudeau, or will he stick by his decision to forcibly vaccinate people?

Taking A Cue FromThe Biden Playbook

It seems that Prime Minister Trudeau has taken another clue from the President Biden playbook. We all know that Mr. Biden seems to disappear when things are getting rough because of his decisions. Well Mr, Trudeau appears to have done the same thing right now. As the blockade was going on, Trudeau announced that he and two of his three children tested positive for Covid-19. No one is truly willing to say that he and his family were not ill. It just seems that the timing of this is suspicious to Canadians who are fed up with some of the decisions coming down from Ottawa.

Could It Happen Here Too?

Could the same thing happen in the United States? Some people are saying that it is almost inevitable for a show of force like this to occur. We have already seen some protests and what has happened as a result. Many health care workers who were ordered to become vaccinated or lose their jobs took a stand and held firm to it. Many in the healthcare industry have already lost their jobs at a time when they are most needed due to Covid.

Joe Biden’s mandate extended to employers with 100 or more employees ordering their employees to become vaccinated or lose their job. This mandate surely extends to many trucking companies in the US. So what will happen? Will American truckers decide to counter our president’s orders by shutting down the nation? Many people are taking a wait-and-see attitude after Canada’s situation ends. But, they are not saying it couldn’t happen here. Many believe it will happen here regardless of what happens anywhere else.

What Do You Think?

So what do you think of all of this? Will truckers in the US decide it is time for the people’s voices to be heard in Washington? Would you like to discuss this or anything else going on in our country? Have you tried to discuss anything like this or most any other aspect of Covid? Also, have you tried it on Twitter? Have your posts been shut down by these social media giants?

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