Time To Leave Twitter

Time To Leave Twitter

Leave Twitter! Can you adequately share a conservative message of substance in just 280 characters using a liberal platform such as Twitter?

Is it time for you to leave Twitter to the trolls that think they can convey a message in 280 characters? Think about this logically for an instant and you will see the futility in trying to get a message across in so few characters.

Sure it can be done. If you have something that doesn’t carry much of a real message Twitter is for you. A message of little importance without much thought involved is where Twitter makes sense. If you have a message that can be easily understood quickly and easily. Then Twitter may be the place to be. A great example of where your short message is easily understood might be one such as “Let’s Go, Brandon”. Only 16 characters, but a message with a pretty good impact.

Conservative Message With Content

But, let’s say that you want to discuss something with a lot of content, where do you turn to discuss your thoughts? Is it time you found a conservative alternative to Twitter? If you are conservative and you want to discuss matters that pertain to a political leaning away from the left, then Twitter sure isn’t the place for you. Make sure to leave Twitter. You also don’t want to try to discuss things like this on your more well-known social platforms. Yes, we’re talking about places like Facebook. You may have the ability to use an almost unlimited number of characters there. But, will your message actually make it for others to see? Or will your thoughts be crushed by the left and liberals that censor Facebook content? 

It starts out with something simple like them stating your message has been “fact-checked” and that you are basically wrong in your assertations. They will do this even if what you are saying is something in a joking manner or something that is clearly just an opinion without any false accusations. Do something like this again and they may put you in their jail for 24 hours. Also, you may not be allowed to post anything. You may say that it wasn’t too bad being banned for a day even though it shouldn’t have happened at all. But then comes the next stage. Take a look back at President Trump and how they entirely banned him from using their platform forever. Yep, life in Facebook prison.

Leave Twitter and Share Your Frank Thoughts

So where can the conservative-minded individual turn to when they have thoughts that they would like to share with many others? Where can you go when you have a longer message of substance that is not going to be taken down by the Facebook police? Say the wrong thing on Twitter and you will find that they too have censors that will take down your short message now. Do it again and face the same situation that you will encounter on Facebook.

Where can you turn when you are:

  • Conservative in your political leanings
  • Share with the world the things you feel are right
  • Can jokingly say something that is against the liberal, socialist way of thinking
  • Where can you go to find facts rather than hyperbole?

Maybe you would like to join in discussions or see full newscast videos or podcasts by top conservative influencers. Or just a place where contributors think as you do and have more than a small paragraph to express themselves.

Thanks, Mike!

You can thank the “My Pillow Guy” Mike Lindell now or later for helping us out in times like this. You see, Mike has established a new social media network filled with all of the commentaries you need to help you see what is going on all around us every day. This network is filled with people that dig deep to expose some of the sneaky ways that our current “leaders” are doing things to tear down the democracy we have known all of our lives. They tell us in no uncertain terms how we are being led towards a socialistic society. This site also allows you to say the things you want to say against the politicians. 

FrankSpeech.com is where you want to be when you have a conservative voice with something to say. Even if you didn’t plan it this way you will also easily learn about what you need to do now to prevent America from becoming the next socialist regime.

Join the thousands of people just like you and me that want to preserve our freedom. We along with our children can enjoy a life where our every move is not dictated by someone else. Visit FrankSpeech and join in on the conversation without fear of censorship, trolls, or reprisal.


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