The Importance Of Free Speech

Have you ever really considered the importance of free speech in America? How about around the world? We have and we have come to the conclusion that free speech is one of the most important characteristics of a free people.

Ideas Because of Free Speech

Having free speech allows us to communicate ideas. Those ideas are highly varied with some of them being rather mundane in nature while others are the things that propel innovation and new ideas that benefit mankind. Free speech allows us to say things that may in turn spark another thought or idea. Free speech is a springboard for things that make our lives better in any number of ways. Consider this as just one instance of what free speech has done to improve lives everywhere.  At some point, a person had an idea that they would like to be able to move from one place to another by means other than self-propulsion. In other words, they got tired of walking everywhere.

They learned that they could train or tame certain animals to help them get from point A to point B. People spoke of how things would roll downhill via gravity and watched as an object that was rounder seemed to roll downhill easier than something not quite as round. They talked of this and made the realization that this round object also moved freely along almost any surface. This of course helped to produce the wheel and the rest, as they say, is history. This quest to move and to discover has led to so many other changes in the lives of everyone including our journeys into space and so much more. The main driving factor in all of this was the ability for people to speak freely and to share their ideas. 

Free Speech and Our Society

Imagine if in that prehistoric society the mere mention of an idea for doing anything but walking was met with a club to the head? Maybe it was! It could be the reason that things moved pretty slowly prior to the last few thousand years.Free Speech is important

So, the concept of free speech also applies widely to how societies act or how they don’t act. When you are allowed to speak openly and freely, then people can discuss without fear of punishment how things should be done. In the United States, this leads to fair and free elections of our leaders. Speaking up in our society is the only way we will be able to maintain all of our freedoms. 

This is where Frank Speech Online comes into play.  It appears that there are certain people that don’t seem to feel that free speech in our society should be granted to those with a conservative viewpoint.  Frank maintains that everyone, including those with conservative viewpoints, should have the same rights to free speech as those with liberal viewpoints.  This is the case even when it comes to more controversial ideas and subjects. Some people do all that they can to suppress our right to free speech. As Americans, we know our own minds and are more than able to disseminate the subject matter.

History Of Free Speech Lost

Throughout history, there have been examples where the right to free speech was taken away from people. This has resulted in disaster occurring to their societies as leaders were the only ones allowed to determine what could or could not be said by the people. Is this what will happen to free speech in the United States? There are some signs pointing to this already taking place. Can we afford to allow this to continue to go unchecked? We don’t think that we can allow it to happen to us. In this “land of the free,” we know and value the importance of free speech in society. As such, we fear what will happen to our way of life in the United States of America, if we allow our right to open and free speech to be taken from us. If free speech is lost (or taken from us),  then we could end up becoming a land where we are ruled by the few, rather than governed by the people.

Impacting Everyday Life

It can be easily seen what the importance of free speech really is. The ideas we mentioned have a huge impact on everyday life. Everyday things like our form of government to technological inventions and improvements to our way of life. If you agree with us that free speech is one of our most important rights then we welcome you to get on board with us at Frank-Speech to fight these opposing forces. Let your voice be heard along with others of the same mindset as you and don’t anyone ever undermine the importance of free speech for everyone.