The Blessing of American Freedoms

American Freedoms

American freedoms are one of the fundamental aspects of the United States. Although the last couple of years, things have been rough. Bill of Rights being disregarded, government overreach, and so much more. As a result, these topics have become difficult to talk about.

However, it is important to recognize the importance of these freedoms. These freedoms are a blessing. With Christmas around the corner, it is time reflection on these freedoms. And why they are special?

American Freedoms

American is known as the Land of the Free. Many people have immigrated to the United States for these freedoms. When this nation was founded, the Bill of Rights was one of the first things created. A list of inalienable rights that everyone has in America. We have talked about 1st Amendment rights. However, people do not recognize the value of these amendments. In Western Europe, there are many restrictive laws when it comes to speech. This includes hate speech criminalization, banning certain words, and other policies. While hate speech is bad, it definitely should not be a criminal offense. So, let’s go over the unique freedoms that we have.

The Right to Name Your Baby Whatever You Want

There are some terrible names out there. Celebrities have a knack for choosing them for sure. However, that is better than being unable to name your child certain names. You can name your child anything without repercussions. Although you will get the occasional eye roll and potentially lead a lifetime of teasing for your child, it is your choice. However, countries like Japan, Germany, Norway, and others have name regulation laws.

Right to a Fair Trial

A right to a fair trial has been hammered into all Americans. All Americans have the expectation that all trials will be fair. In fact, it is the freedom that is guaranteed. Your guilt or innocence is decided by 12 impartial jurors and a judge. This is not a luxury that other nations have. In countries in South Africa, many trials are decided by a single judge. Furthermore, North Korea forgoes most court trials at all. Giving no legal proceeding for individuals who are detained.

Freedom to Wear Whatever You Want (Including Hair)

As long as you are not breaking public decency laws, you can wear whatever you want. Want to wear short-shorts? Go for it. Want to walk around in a super-tight dress? You got it. Ever dreamed of wearing an animal suit all day? Don’t have to ask me. The ability to express yourself with clothes is a wonderful freedom we have. Americans are allowed to dress in any fashion they want. However, wearing the wrong thing can get you arrested in certain counties. This includes France, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and so much more.

This also applies to hairstyles. Whether you want a classic haircut or go creative with a mohawk, you have every right to style your hair the way you want. Other counties do not agree. In Iran, having a mohawk can get you in legal trouble. Furthermore, North Korea forces people to select from 28 state-approved haircuts.

These are just a small selection of freedoms that some people do not recognize as a blessing. There are many freedoms that people take for granted every day. These American freedoms are a blessing. So, we should recognize their importance and keep the freedoms we have.