Suppression Of Free Speech By Mainsteam Media

Is mainstream media suppressing free speech? According to many people on social media, conservative media channels, and some cable news talk show hosts, this is exactly what is happening. They point to various news events that receive the absolute minimum of press coverage. We are not talking about minor events, but rather events that we feel deserve full coverage yet never seem to hit the front page of the newspaper. Unless of course, it is a very small article.

A Strong Free Press in America

In the United States, we have always relied upon a strong free press and cannot emphasize enough the importance of free speech. We relied upon the media to help keep us informed of the things that are going on around us. We depended upon the mainstream media to tell us the story and from there let us make our own mind about how we feel about the things happening. Instead of this, it seems that while we might get coverage of everything, it is at best minimal. Typically, there is a political spin that is added to the subject. Further, when we look at the information that is presented by the mainstream media we see that the writer is mostly trying to tell us their opinion of what the current events are rather than allowing us to make up our own minds.

Look At Mainstream Media

Is this free speech? By definition, it does seem to fall within the realm of free speech, as long as you consider what you are being told to be the full story. But, here is the problem with this definition. The information being presented is what someone is being told to report on. They seem to be told that they can only present something from one perspective rather than openly. So now we ask the question again. Is there suppression of free speech in the mainstream media? We think that if you take a good look around and see what information is being reported that you will see for yourself what is happening. You don’t have to go far to see of dangers and suppression of free speech by mainstream media.

Time To Take A Stand Against Suppressing Free Speech

Frank Speech Online encourages U.S. citizens to take a hard stance against the liberal bias of the mainstream media. They need to once again allow the full and open reporting of everything with cherry-picking to fit a narrative. It is time for you to be able to decide your opinion of events rather than just the one being presented to you. Look for the other side of the story.  The side that the mainstream media with their biased liberal views does not want you to see or to think about. The side that they do not want to be questioned by anyone with a conservative outlook.

Until they start working more for main street USA, the media cannot and should not, be taken at face value.

The Other Side Is Yours To See on Frank

One place you can go to see some alternative views and a place that people can present both sides of a story is on Frank Speech. This is a place where Influencers, contributors, and ordinary people will speak freely on issues.  Many will point out just what the mainstream media has reported so that you can easily see their bias and how they attempt to suppress free speech. For powerful videos, live broadcasts, blogs, events, and more, go to FRANK!