Southern Border Death Crisis

Southern Broder Death Crisis

2,000,000 Illegal Southern Border Crossings in 2021

There were nearly 1.7 million border-crossing arrests during the fiscal year of 2021. Four months of the year were under the administration of President Trump and of course, the remaining eight months were under Joe Biden’s administration. According to that article, during Mr. Trump’s tenure arrests averaged around 71,000 per month followed by 172,000 per month under Joe Biden’s reign. Now it looks like in the Calendar year 2021 there are over 2,000,000 illegal immigrant crossings of our southern border!

Biden Ditches Stay In Mexico Policy

Why the disparity? One of the first things Biden did after his inauguration was to dismantle The Trump rule of “remain in Mexico” which made people stay in Mexico until their hearing for asylum in the United States was held. Once the word got out about not having to remain in Mexico and a softer policy of letting migrants into the country, the numbers of attempted entrants ballooned. With these softened policies in place, the vetting process almost completely crumbled. This meant that anyone could get into our country no matter what type of person they were and no matter what their criminal background might be.

The Death Toll

With these higher numbers, the death toll is bound to be much higher than what was previously seen. Most of the deaths being reported are from exposure to the elements while making the journey to cross over. The death tolls have also increased due to diseases such as Covid 19. It should be expected that with the large groups of people traveling together disease would spread much faster and easier. There are also additional medical causes of death. Some are from causes such as stillbirth. Hunger is also being blamed for some of the deaths. Deaths are also occurring at the hands of some of the traffickers be used by the migrants. But, the death toll that shows some of the greatest increase is due to violence among those trying to make their way here.

With so many people being held together in such large groups tempers are bound to flare causing more violence amongst themselves. Let’s also consider that many of the people now trying to make their way here are known in their home country are criminals. Some of these criminals are violent people that will easily kill when provoked or prodded. The death toll has also increased due to drownings, car crashes, and even suicides. Still, others have died after being shot while they were being pursued by border patrol agents of other police officers.

Southern Border Patrol Officers Are Dying

Border patrol agents have also died in the line of duty. We would generally think of border patrol agents dying as a result of violent acts committed on them by migrants. While that is true for some agents’ deaths, not all have died in this manner. There are some agents who have succumbed to death from catching Covid. Some cases may be mostly attributed to having caught the disease from dealing with migrants. In 2021 agents have also died from vehicle crashes, gunfire, and even heatstroke.

Border crossing is dangerous for both those attempting to make their way to the United States and those whose job it is to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering.

Until the Biden administration decides to get tough and serious about immigration these kinds of things will continue to occur. Illegal southern border crossings have become not just an aggravation, but they have become very costly. Costs range from the taxpayer expense of hiring people to maintain our borders. The costs are even greater to taxpayers when we include all of the costs associated with the maintenance of these border crashers. Expenses such as food and shelter, medical care, and more. Then of course we carry the costs of returning people back to their home countries. If migrants are allowed to stay here we also incur the costs of helping to resettle them here.

Undetected and Into Society

We also have cases where some of these migrants have made their way undetected into our communities. We have seen incidents of robbery, burglaries, rapes, and other crimes along with murders committed.

The majority of American’s support immigration. After all, unless you are of native ancestry, all of us here today are the result of people who made their way to America. But, their support of immigration is only for those who do it the right way. There are many different ways that people from around the world can come to America and live here and lead happy lives. The majority of American people feel that it is time to get a handle on the problem of illegal immigration.

Many people believe that the liberals who are doing very little to stem this problem are hoping to change voting laws to allow anyone to have the right to vote in our elections. They hope that by changing the laws to allow this to happen these migrants will vote for them to get into public office or to remain there. Conservatives not only see this but also realize that we are tired of people entering our country and then basically dictating that we will take care of them afterward. Donald Trump’s wall was working.

Washingtons Response To The Southern Border

It was helping to vastly reduce the numbers of migrants trying to forcefully make their way into America. The wall was working to help prevent some of the deaths associated with the migrant problems we faced. Why is it that our lawmakers are not following public opinion and the lead of our former president? Simply stated, it is because it does not benefit them personally. It is also because of the state of politics in this country anymore. No longer do politicians follow anything with common sense. They all seem to only follow “party” rather than what is morally or socially correct.

It is time for Washington to get hold of this situation and stop the deaths that occur as a result of their policies. It is time for all conservatives along with many liberal Americans to contact their political representatives and tell them to correct the policies that govern illegal migration. Tell them that the costs are too high both monetarily along the cost of human lives.

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