Social Media In America Today

Social Media In America Today

Have you taken a look lately at social media in America today? Do you like what you see? We have taken a good look around at the state of social media in America only to realize that the majority of it is strictly painted with liberal viewpoints. These liberal viewpoints also seem to come from the top down. In other words, many of the most popular social media sites are owned or operated by people with a great deal of wealth and power and their viewpoints are liberal.

So what happens when you want to post your ideas that are more conservative vs liberal? Depending on the post you may find that it is removed entirely by the operators of these sites. Also, they are at least edited by them before they can reach anyone. This then begs the question of what are you supposed to do when are conservative? Especially if you wish to post your thoughts on current political or societal issues to a social media site?

The State of Social Media In America Today

Part of the reason for wanting to post your thoughts to a social media site is that you have the opportunity to reach a very large audience very easily. Your post can be copied and shared with many different people. Even without you ever having to expend any more effort than making your original posting.

Our liberal counterparts are well aware of the vast audience that they can reach. In addition, they realize just how easy it can be done. They are also aware that since they can control the content of these large social media sites in America, they can control the information that is seen by their huge numbers of followers. They are also aware that by the same message being repeatedly shown to people without very strong beliefs that soon your point of view on a subject can begin to be changed.

Conservatives On Social Media In America Today

This is what tends to occur when large numbers of people around you are all saying the same thing. It starts to make you wonder if your thoughts are the right ones to have. When this happens it is easy to change your mind. It is easy to convert you and your way of thinking to make you come over to the other side.

Do you want to become brainwashed like this or do you think that minds that are easily swayed should be blasted this way? We don’t think that this is right on any level and we are here to do something about it.

We have launched Frank Speech Online as an opposing type of social media site in America. Here you will be among friends that also think conservatively. You will be able to share your thoughts without worry that your post will be immediately removed or that it will be edited in a different way to show a different way of thinking.

Conservative viewpoints on social media in America are being crushed by some people with a lot of money and influence. Their liberal agenda is what is spread amongst people without too much challenge and we need to make our voices heard on frank social media network in America. Join us in our fight to preserve the values of our great country. Spread our conservative message by way of social media in America.