Social Media Alternative

Social Media Alternative

Fed Up With Status Quo Social Media Site? Need a Social Media Alternative?

Are you searching for a social media alternative? Are you fed up with the status quo social media sites? It seems that all of the high-profile social media sites have very liberal leanings. They also make it difficult for anyone to post anything that you believe in if it is a conservative point of view.

Oops…You Posted the Wrong Thing.

Post something that they don’t like on one of these top sites that are managed by people with a lot of wealth and a lot of influence, and they will either take down your post in its entirety or edit part of it. If they find you to be really offensive to them and their liberal views then they will also bar you from using their site to post anything at all. If you try to find out what it is that they don’t like, they just come back with a standard statement that it goes against their policy.

Now you would think these policies would be across the board and apply to everyone. We have seen times when a post was taken down that had a conservative view. Yet later we see a very similar post with a liberal view that stays up for everyone to see without any oversight. In this land where free speech is so treasured, why can’t you say the conservative things that they don’t like?

We are going to guess that you have encountered the same type of thing. You are also, therefore, searching for social media alternatives. Searching for social media that holds no bias against conservative views.

A Social Media Alternative

We have found the social media site that you are searching for. We have located for you a social media alternative that allows you to create and post conservative ideas. This site encourages your conservative views to be posted here for everyone to see. Finally, your voice is welcomed at Frank Speech the place where free speech is welcomed.