Right Side Peaceful Protests

Right Side Peaceful Protests

The support and rise for right-side peaceful protests have become evident. A surge of protests is forming across the world after the success of the current Freedom Convoy in Canada. Although we have faced many violent protests in the last couple of years, the recent protests have been peaceful and dedicated towards freedom. So, what is the latest with the Freedom Convoy, and what other protests are popping up?

Freedom Convoy: Update

The Freedom Convoy is still at the Canadian capital to protest the vaccine mandates for truckers. These mandates have already caused supply chain issues, especially with food.  Although Trudeau and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been actively trying to stop these truckers. However, there have been many supporters. This includes people attempting to donate $10 million through GoFundMe until the account was suspended and distributed the money towards charities.

In addition to financial assistance, people have actively supported the protestors. This includes farmers going through police barricades to allow the truckers to travel. Citizens gave the protestors gas, water, and food. Ottawa officials announced that towing companies were refusing to remove the convoys. Despite some of them being on a city contract.

Just recently, Ottawa called a state of emergency to put an end to the protest. They threatened citizens and supports that bring anything to support the convoy (gas, water, etc.) would face arrest. It seems like the establishment government in Canada fears these protestors. However, there are more right-side freedom protests on the horizon.

Other Freedom Protests

Trudeau and the Canadian government are not the only ones trying to make the supply chain worse. Turns out Joe Biden plans to do the same. Considering the current conditions of America’s supply chain, it is not the most intelligent idea. Just like their Canadian brothers and sisters, American truckers are not taking these mandates lying down. People are finally tired of the government’s response to COVID-19. As a result, a new Freedom Convoy is forming in the United States. The plan is to drive from California to Washington D.C. to protest the vaccine mandates.

The Canadian Freedom Convoy has inspired protests in New Zealand, Australia, and Europe. All fighting for liberty from the mandates and restrictions facing individuals today.


  1. You guys need to date your entries . This is old news. The story needs to be given context. It adds to confusion.

    Whats going on with the American Convoy ? Anything ?

    Otherwise keep speaking truth

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