Resolution to Pull Down Arizona’s 2020 Presidential Electors

Resolution to Pull Down Arizona's 2020 Presidential Electors

Even if you have only been remotely paying attention to the 2020 presidential election in Arizona, then you know what a fiasco it created. Now, almost a year and a half later Arizona representatives and senators have introduced a resolution to decertify Arizona’s 2020 presidential electors and decertify the election. We don’t need to tell you this, but, this is the type of news we’ve been waiting to hear.

There were so many wrong things about Arizona’s election and presidential electors.

Arizona’s Presidential Electors

Although it’s tough to figure out where to begin let’s start here:

In Arizona, you must be registered to vote 29 days or more before the election if you are to vote. Suddenly a quick change was made to allow people to register until October 29th for the upcoming election. As we move forward and for the sake of the midterms in 2022 and the next presidential election in 2024. The federal government needs to remind states of national election policy. Getting away with changes like this will lead to more problems with election integrity in the future.

Arizona had more votes than registered voters. Ballots must be signed too. Over 17,000 in Maricopa county alone were not signed and yet were counted. Other counties were found to have duplicate or more ballots than voters. Ballot handling rules of early votes were broken in many counties throughout Arizona. Many ballots were found to be either unsealed or unsigned.

Election Observers Observed

While all of this was happening, poll observers were not allowed close enough to see that election rules were followed.

Ballots were found to be opened before delivery to counting rooms. Ballot signatures were also not validated by signature comparison machines. Election observers saw computers or laptops with internet capability in tabulation centers. It is also claimed that some saw ballots being changed from votes for Donald Trump being modified to a vote for Joe Biden. Observers also claim they saw the same signature on over 30 different ballots. All the while the Attorney General of election fraud was not notified so counting could be stopped until better controls were back in place.

One observer states that they saw over 100,000 votes improperly handled. It is also stated that a Dominion employee made a copy of large voter information files and further broke the chain of custody. Why was this allowed to occur at all? Why was anyone allowed access to any files on any election computer?

People Were Not Properly Registered To Vote

We all know that there is supposed to be one person, one vote. Right? Yet there was one county where there were over 30% more votes for one party (democrats) than there were registered voters. This follows the same pattern as Pennsylvania.

With all of these improprieties, we and Mike Lindell implore Arizona republican officials to get a backbone and pull down the presidential electors results. It is also noted that fractional voting was encountered. How can this be? How can there be a fraction of a vote? Remember that thing of one voter, one vote? So how is it that there were fractional votes? Fractional voting is as an example when votes were entered for counting Joe Biden might receive 1.3 votes while Donald Trump was to receive .7 votes. This of course is where republicans have had a problem with the election results from the beginning. We never disputed each vote counted. At least not as long as the vote was true. 

Data Juggling and Preservation

We have felt from the start that there was some juggling going on within the election program all along. We honestly understand that there were many voters that did not truly in their hearts vote for Joe Biden, but rather voted solely against Donald Trump. Be that as it may, did they somehow manage to vote part of their vote to go to one candidate while the rest went to the other?

Election data must be preserved in its actual state for at least two years after the election. So how is it that Dominion was able to change thousands of program files between November 1, 2020, and November 30, 2020? Even more, files are said to have been modified up until April of 2021. Donald Trump lost the election in Arizona by 10,000 votes while over 750,000 were lost in the chain of custody at one time or another.

Is all of this reason enough to not use computers for future elections? Computer programs can be written in such a manner as to assure one outcome in their results. We need to maintain the integrity of all elections going forward if we are to ever preserve our way of life for the future. Let’s get to the bottom of what has happened in Arizona and then let’s move on to the other states where there are multiple questions regarding the results of 2020.

Preserve America’s Freedoms

You are invited to join in the conversations regarding the 2020 election along with many more topics concerning what is going on with our current government. On there are articles on this Arizona resolution and video/tv shows discussing it. Go there and get the real scoop and make your comments directly!