Politics And COVID 19

Politics And Covid 19

Has COVID 19 dominated politics and allowed our liberal political leaders to demonstrate their willingness to become a socialistic nation? Through their actions and the Media, it sure does appear so.

COVID 19 and Politics In the News

Politics is and always will be in the news. But the news on politics has drastically changed since March of 2019. The politics in the news prior to that date was all about political parties and their differences. Along with that was the news of Donald Trump. The media just can’t let go of him. When something goes wrong (whether real or contrived) it seems that Donald Trump is still the target to hit with blame.

When President Trump was still in office and COVID 19 began its spread, it seems that it was Mr. Trump’s fault in one form or another that this disease spread so rapidly and was so devastating. Yes, the political writers of the news quickly found something else to blame on the president that they so loved to bash for any reason they could seemingly think of. Along with the writers were the liberal politicians. They too found a reason to bash Trump.

Trump Bashing Adds COVID 19 Pandemic

The political news blamed Trump for not having enough supplies to help ward off this virus. Apparently, he was to blame when hospitals didn’t have enough face masks on hand for their employees. He was bashed because there weren’t enough ventilators to go around. And so it went. Donald Trump was within range and in the sight of everyone who had a dislike for him.

Well, Mr. Trump did a lot of things to help ward off the immediate problems. He told automakers that they had to change the machinery in their factories to produce ventilators. Others began making face shields. Others began producing in huge numbers the masks needed to help us from contracting the virus through our breathing. President Trump took control of the virus and did the things necessary to help our nation fight it.

It Just Wasn’t Enough

Still, whatever he did was never going to be enough. Once we saw so much of our economy shut down due to the rapid spread of the virus he ordered special monetary stimulus checks to be issued to every American citizen through the IRS. Of course, whatever he did still wasn’t enough and the liberal political news base grabbed at anything they could to knock him down.

A Presidential Election With COVID 19 Politics

Later in the year, we had a presidential election. Soon Joe Biden took over residence at the White House. The subject of COVID 19 still abounded. Very soon after he was elected he too ordered another stimulus check be issued. Although President Trump had ordered stimulus checks two times, the news still hounded him. When Biden took over and ordered another round of economic stimulus spending, the news suddenly seemed to change their outlook on this governmental spending as opposed to when Trump wanted to help Americans suffering from heavy job losses.

Joe Biden promised that if elected he would do everything possible to get every American vaccinated from COVID 19. Many people did not trust the vaccine saying that it had not been approved by the FDA. Many others though wanted to be able to live a more normal life without wearing a mask everywhere. They wanted to go out again to restaurants along with entertainment venues. So although the vaccine was still not approved by the FDA, people flocked to get immunized. The news heralded this and Joe Biden became a hero in many ways according to the news reports concerning COVID 19.

A Dictators Orders

Soon the vaccine from one manufacturer was fully approved by the FDA. This made Joe Biden feel that he could sign executive orders to mandate that most everyone working would need to be vaccinated or tested weekly for the virus. This issue is something that the news on COVID 19 becomes like a free-for-all. Some media reports go along with this dictator type of movement while others are calling it a dictator move they don’t like.

How Do You Feel?

Whichever side of the fence you are regarding COVID 19 you are sure to find news that supports the way you feel regarding vaccination for COVID 19. You will also find many politicians ready to espouse their views on COVID 19 thus offering the news media more to report on about COVID 19 and politics.

How long will COVID 19 and politics be in the news? We sure don’t have an answer for this one. What we do know is that many politicians are using COVID 19 to try to persuade the voters to go along with their political agenda. Many of them simply use COVID 19 as a way to control the public and shame their political rivals.

Do you think that COVID 19 should be such an active part of what the news media reports every day? Also, do you think that we just need to move on and let COVID 19 take its course with those wishing to become vaccinated doing so? Do you think that Joe Biden and the other politicians should be able to mandate things as they are?

Our View of COVID And Politics

We feel that those that are alright with those mandates are giving themselves over to socialism. Just as Biden and the liberal radicals in congress are determined to move the direction of this country to socialism.

Regardless of how we feel, this is a subject that has politicians talking and the media scooping up every word. They both appear to do it to keep politics and COVID 19 in the news for as long as the public will accept it.