Plead to Fix 2020


Plead to Fix 2020

There has been a plead to fix 2020. Every since the 2020 election, people have been overwhelmed with questions. Between accusations of election fraud to voter integrity, our election systems have come into question. Although many want to avoid talking about this situation, it’s still here. In fact, avoiding the questions is making things worse. After all, our democratic republic cannot stand unless people believe in our systems. Especially voting! This is why we need to fix 2020.

Why Some People Can’t Let it Go — And Probably Shouldn’t

The 2020 election has been puzzling for a lot of Americans. After all, there are significant statistical anomalies that happened during the election. In addition, there were a few actions and accounts that are troublesome. However, let’s start with a few things that are considered anomalies. First of all, the data regarding Trump’s votes. One of the confusing aspects of the election is Trump’s election statistics.  There was a major in Trump’s votes. Most presidents lose votes during reelection. In fact, Barack Obama lost 3.5 million votes and still managed to comfortably win. However, Trump’s votes went up by 11 million votes. The third-largest rise in support for incumbents in U.S. History. As you can see, obvious confusion rose with that alone. After all, 11 million new votes are not common at all. However, there were other revelations that came from Trump’s voter statistics. These include:

  • 95% of the GOP Vote
  • Black Voter Grew Over 50%
  • Hispanic Voter Grew
  • No Down-Ballot Support for Democrats
  • Sever In-Consistencies with Polling and Non-Polling Metrics

All these indicated that Trump was doing well and would still remain president. Yet, he didn’t. Most of the time, people would chalk it up as a loss. That was until the statistical abnormality occurred. And this abnormality began with strange events around the election.

Strange Events Around the 2020 Election

On election night, the curious set of events started to change the way that people saw the election results. When counting ends, everyone is usually sent home. Yet, 2020 was different. While the observers were sent home, counting resumed. Although places might dismiss this as just needing to get counting done or other nonsense, there is a reason why observers are present. These individuals oversee the counting so votes cannot be replaced or tampered with.

So, it was no surprise that when counting “resumed” something was odd. Based on statistics, large batches of votes with 9 to 1 votes in favor of Biden. In addition, there were late ballots accepted. All of these late ballots had serious problems with impossible return dates or extraordinary return dates. On top of that, there were record low absentee ballot rejections. If these rejections remained consistent with previous elections then the ballots would not be super skewed against Trump. In addition to overvoting, chain-of-custody issues, and non-resident voters, it is easy to see why people are skeptical about 2020.

Plead to Fix 2020: It Matters

Regardless of your position, fixing 2020 is important. While people kept miniating the claims by saying it was not true, there never was a serious investigation. In fact, many people laughed at the idea. However, that doesn’t change the fact that people have lost trust in the election system. The United States is the Democratic Republic. The democracy aspect is fundamental when it comes to the nation’s functioning. People need to believe and know that their vote matters. When people dismiss all the concerns about the 2020 election, it makes people question it more. To be honest, there is only one way to fix 2020. And that is to actually do a full investigation into the election and the claims. This is not about left vs right. This is about making sure everyone knows that the election system still has its integrity.

Until then, people will still believe that the election was just a prelude to tyranny, especially with the overreaches that have been happening this year.


  1. Of course , the election was stolen. DeSouzas 2000 Mules will come out soon showing how the ballots were stuffed by paid agents of the left. Even so , all the generic voting was just to get the votes close enough for the computer to flip and hand over the election by a thin margin. Some states are putting in new laws requiring systems using computers maintain a back up for counting. That is a good start. The repubs notion of making voting easy , but hard to cheat should be embraced by all, but the Dems don’t want anything that will disrupt their ability to steal

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