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Mike Lindell Interviews Donald Trump

Mike Lindell interviews Donald Trump has been all over Frank Speech since its announcement. Well, the announcement and preview was Mike Lindell’s Historic Interview with President Trump on November 16th. The promo video for the interview already hinted at some of the subjects that would be discussed. Before the interview, the preview showed that Trump will […]

The Famous for Free Speech

It is interesting to see some of the famous are for free speech. After all, people have experienced years of the famous pushing left agenda. Yet, things seem to be shifting when it comes to the ideology of celebrities. Celebrities are becoming outspoken about their political opinions and promoting freedom of speech. While this is […]

Joe Biden’s Justice Department Over Reaches

It is obvious that Joe Biden’s Justice Department overreaches in a lot of areas. However, its involvement with the school boards is too far. The decision for the Justice Department to get involved in the school board is outrageous. This hot-button issue is showing us that there is a limit to how much Americans should […]

US Sovereignty and Immigration

When it comes to US Sovereignty and Immigration, it is not a partisan issue. However, people prefer to see it that way. It is not about Republicans or Democrats. Rather, it is fact that National Sovereignty is paramount to keep the United States’ way of life secure and protecting the nation. We have a crisis […]

Conservative Vs Liberal Media Spin

To be honest, our two-party system has caused more harm than good in recent years. After all, people keep shouting that you belong to certain parties without even asking. Or people put a claim on what qualities a party can have. Regardless of what side you believe in, people have to realize how counterproductive this […]

Riot Not Insurrection January 6th

  The topic of January 6th comes up a lot, especially in regards to the U.S. Capitol riots. Anyone with ears has heard the narrative. Well, at least the mainstream narrative. According to the establishment, this was an insurrection by Trump. A coup against American Democracy. Putting these ideas on a pedestal, showing that Trump […]

Frank Speech Live

Although the road has been full of roadblocks, Frank Speech is live. And Frank Speech Live has plenty to offer! However, what is available? And wasn’t there supposed to be social media? Well, hold your questions because we are going to talking about all this and more!

Have You Heard About the Right Side Broadcasting Network?

Maybe you’ve heard of the Right Side Broadcasting Network. Maybe you’ve seen that a lot of people search for it and have commented.  It’s a website for conservatives that we think you might want to check out. The Right Side Broadcasting Network is all about freedom and helping to make America great again, but they […]

Frank Speech for Young Conservatives

Frank Speech for young conservatives. It is not an odd statement. Although the current political climate is hard for everyone, it is worse for young conservatives or libertarians. As someone who belongs to the millennial generation, I don’t fit the mold. With the tension, finding a place to express me is hard…. which is why […]