Midterm Mauling

Midterm Mauling

The 2022 midterm mauling is coming closer each day. Every midterm, the seating party always loses seats in the House or Senate. However, the aftermath of the midterms is often volatile. After all, losing seats shows that people are dissatisfied with the current establishment. Democrats are preparing for the worse. But how bad does it look for the democrats this midterm?

The Red Wave

Considering the ‘accomplishments’ that Joe Biden has done in 2021, it is no surprise that Democrats are scared.  Although Biden’s election slogan was Build Back Better, the president is tearing the nation apart. With bad policies and no solutions, Biden’s approval is less than stellar. The president has fallen out of favor with the public. In fact, recent polls show that Republicans have a major lead in the upcoming midterms. Currently, the Republicans are holding a 6 point lead. For context, republicans had a 4 point lead before the 2010 midterms. The result of the 2010 midterms was an overall win for the republicans, that took the House. So, it is obvious that a Red Wave is coming.

And Democrats are preparing for a mauling.

Midterm Mauling In The Works

After the midterms, midterm mauling is to be expected. While Democrats were confident when Biden became president, they prepare for a beating this time. The chances of a decisive defeat for Democrats have been increasing daily. The idea of looking for presidential candidates for 2024 is been floating around. However, one of the nails in the coffin for the Democrats are the multiple House Democrats that are opting out of reelection. In fact, 25 House democrats are not seeking reelection:

  • Ann Kirkpatrick AZ-02
  • Jackie Speier CA-14
  • Karen Bass CA-37
  • Lucille Roybal-Allard CA-40
  • Alan Lowenthal CA-47
  • Stephanie Murphy FL-07
  • Val Demings FL-10
  • Charlie Crist FL-13
  • Bobby Rush IL-01
  • Cheri Bustos IL-17
  • John Yarmuth KY-03
  • Anthony Brown MD-04
  • Brenda Lawrence MI-14
  • G.K. Butterfield NC-01
  • David Price NC-04
  • Albio Sires NJ-08
  • Tom Suozzi NY-03
  • Tim Ryan OH-13
  • Peter DeFazio OR-04
  • Conor Lamb PA-17
  • Mike Doyle PA-18
  • Eddie Bernice Johnson TX-30
  • Filemon Vela TX-34
  • Peter Welch VT-AL
  • Ron Kind WI-03

It seems like people are abandoning the sinking Democratic Party. More likely, these democrats know they are going to lose in the 2022 midterms, and don’t want to face an embarrassing defeat.

Even the Democrat National Committee is going on the defensive, trying to protect their seat positions in the Legislative branch. Instead of trying to increase their seats, they are struggling to keep republicans from taking 20 seats this midterm. One strategist for the part claimed, “If we’re in the 10 to 20 [loss of House seats] range, that will be better than we thought.”

Even the democrats are preparing for a bloodbath. However, you should not get overconfident.

Vote in The 2022 Midterms

The odds are seeming to be in favor of Republicans and Moderates. However, that does not mean that people should be confident. After all, Democrats are going to try to close the gap. People are claiming that the key to a Democrat victory is Congress’ ability to pass Biden’s agenda. There could be other events that can change the tides. So, it is important to participate and vote in your local midterms.