Media Challenges The Right to Defend Yourself

Defend Yourself

You have the right to defend yourself and the media apparently has the right to tell you what to think about it afterward.

The 2nd Amendment and Right To Defend Yourself

We have all heard of the second amendment and our right to bear arms. We all also know that we always have the right to defend ourselves when confronted with violence. With both of these things in mind, we have to question what all of the fuss is about with Kyle Rittenhouse? In addition, the verdict was rendered by a jury of his peers.

Why is the media, in particular, calling this verdict white supremacy? Why are they calling it a racist verdict?

First, Kyle Rittenhouse is white. But, so too are the people that he defended himself against. Kyle, as it was testified to during his trial, was accosted by three males. They hit him with skateboards. They aimed guns at him and threatened to shoot him prior to him firing any shots at the perpetrators. There were additional actions taken against him before he fired shots that wounded one of the thugs. All of these points were brought up in court along with some video footage of everything that went down that day.

We understand why Kyle was initially arrested and don’t have any problem with understanding that this is how things initially work in situations like this one. We also understand that with all of the confusion of everything going on that day that there would also be even more confusion surrounding this particular situation.

The Media Labels Without Investigation

What we don’t understand is how and why the media was so quick to label him as a criminal long before any of the FACTS in this matter were investigated. The media tries to tell us that Kyle went to Wisconsin looking for trouble. They claim that he carrying an illegal weapon. They tried to tell us that he committed cold-blooded murder that day. Yes, all of this and more before they looked at the facts. Their narrative sells newspapers, gets the ears of listeners to the news, and gets the eyes of those watching news reports.

News the way it is reported anymore is merely clickbait online. Also, it lacks any credibility because these so-called reporters do not even begin to investigate what is going on before they tell us what to believe. And then even after a verdict has been rendered, continue to spew their own narrative by telling us only their opinion of the individual charged and exonerated by way of our legal system.

Somehow according to them, Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist due to the fact that he killed his attackers and did so while being Caucasian. Somehow he is a racist too because the rioting going on that day was connected to those who are black. But in the end, Kyle was acquitted because our legal system works the way it was designed to work. He was charged with a crime. A trial was held with a jury of 12 jurors who heard all of the testimony and then decided he was not guilty. They reached this verdict after requesting multiple items of testimony and evidence for additional review during three days of deliberations.

The Liberal Media – Judge, Jury, and Executioner

Most of the media today is owned or operated by liberals who seem to be all too anxious to support the liberal agenda of turning our country into a socialist nation. One of the ways to make this happen is to attempt to turn people against each other. Divide the people and it becomes so much easier for them to begin to control us. Some people are even going so far as to say that the liberals currently running our government are trying to incite a civil war to divide us further. By using phrases like white supremacist and racist they sow the seeds of division.

Our liberal government has been trying for some time now to disarm Americans. They know that as long as Americans have their guns that they will not be able to completely control us the way they want to. This case was used to hide from us their true agenda. One way to turn Americans against citizens having arms is by portraying cases like this as crimes of gun violence. They will use this as a means of disarming the average citizen because a citizenry without a means of protecting itself against a government is a population easily controlled by the forces of government.

It is up to all of us to stop supporting the media by allowing this type of reporting to continue. Also, it is up to us to demand that these methods of control be stopped before they go any further. It is time to demand that reporters do just that. Report what is happening without allowing them to tell us at the same time what to think. If we don’t do this we will soon find ourselves in a situation that George Orwell foresaw when he wrote his book “1984”. We will find ourselves in a world where the media is blasting at us all day every day with information that only the government is allowed to control. Media that tells you what to think and when to think it.

Destroying The Right to Defend Yourself

Kyle Rittenhouse is not a racist or a white supremacist. They tried to make him a pawn of liberal government and its supporters. Will you allow this to continue? Much of the reporting before and after for that matter, was designed to destroy our constitutional right to defend ourselves. If we can’t defend ourselves, they figure we’ll need them more. Shut up and take it! Will you allow liberals and their media cohorts to divide us and turn us against each other?

Stand up and fight these forces by being active. A lot of that is being done. Have you seen the ratings on CNN lately? Falling policies, name-calling and the lack of basic human decency can’t survive unless people allow it to. Complacency kills. It kills any chance for us to stop the liberal forces that are only doing this for personal power and gain. You can do this by involving yourself with conservative views like those found when you visit Let’s get frank. Let’s allow free and truthful speech to pervade all other media and regain some common sense ways of thinking and acting in America once again. Don’t allow liberals to gain a foothold against those who may be less educated and unable to see things quite as clearly as you and me. Stop them from grabbing young and impressionable minds.

The Next Time

Remember this the next time (and there will be a next time) they try to use another case like that of Kyle Rittenhouse and use it to weaken our Constitutional rights. In the meantime stay armed as is your right. Exercise your freedom of speech and speak out. Don’t allow yourself to become either a physical or a mental victim of the left or criminal elements taking advantage of their failed policies.