Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness

The hallmarks of the United States of America are; Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Liberty in the U.S.

Frank Speech Online is all about frank and free speech in America. All of the things that we hail and trust within our way of life that differ so greatly from so many other countries worldwide all begin and basically end with the ability to speak freely. With our liberty, we can speak freely of our political leaders whether we side with their thoughts or happen to disagree with the platforms that they represent. Just sit back for a few seconds and think of some other nations around the world and what might happen if you were to attempt to practice these rights that we hold to be inalienable within our great nation. Would you be taken, prisoner? could your family suffer because of what you had to say? Would you just disappear and never be seen or heard from again? We can’t imagine living under such dark clouds constantly.

Pursuit of Happiness

Our lives as we all know and understand are precious. The lives of our family members and our loved ones are precious and we must continue to fight to keep things this way. We cannot allow ourselves to be swept up by some controlling power that gently eases into our society and begins to devalue this preciousness. No one can be allowed to enter into our lives that would steal our liberties and happiness. We all understand that we are a nation of law and that we cannot simply do absolutely whatever we might wish to do whenever we wish to do it without consequence. This is because, for every right that you feel you may have, someone else’s rights are just important. They have the right to not be taken in or become a part, or a victim of any absolute freewheeling action. Our pursuit of happiness allows us the right to choose to do the things in life that we enjoy rather than being assigned “specified contributions to society” by a self-serving ruling class.

Life as an American

With all of these things in mind, how do we help ensure that we can maintain this way of life that we have established and wish to maintain for future generations?  We assure these things by maintaining our right to free speech.  The right to speak frankly and have our voices heard when we begin to see practices put into place that will disallow us to live as individuals in the greatest nation on earth. There are forces at work that are beginning to slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) erode some of the basic freedoms that we enjoy. We must begin to take a good look around us at some of the things that we see happening within our country. We must keep our voices heard and we must work hard at staying free and. Life in America allows us to say the things we feel are correct and to not let other forces destroy our lives. We must maintain free speech and question those who tell us not to pay any attention to certain issues. When we are told to simply ignore things happening at higher levels of the political spectrum, then this is the time that we must speak louder and we must make sure that more people hear what we have to say. If we don’t, then we will someday face a way of life without liberty or any true pursuit of happiness.