Joe Biden Unhinged

Joe Biden’s speech was not only divisive but it was also designed to attack voter integrity ahead of the 2022 midterms and 2024 presidential elections. He had a direct attack on citizens working to fix obvious problems in our voting system, that will restore faith in our elections to 70+ million Americans.

In case you missed the horrible event here it is:

Joe Biden’s Soul Crushing Speech

Even if you don’t watch it (can’t blame you) take a look at all the comments! It’s nice to see some sanity.

The Joe Biden Tirade

Joe Biden went on a massive tirade against MAGA republicans. While he likes to say that he is the person to reunite America and end the various divisions among us, he did exactly the opposite of that with his speech. The way he tells it, Donald Trump and MAGA represent extremism and threaten the foundation of our republic. With that, he also notes that not all republicans are MAGA republicans.

According to Joe, the following things apply to MAGA republicans:


  1. don’t respect the constitution
  2. don’t believe in the rule of law
  3. don’t recognize the will of the people
  4. refuse to accept the results of a free election
  5. are working in state after state to give the power to decide elections to cronies
  6. empower election deniers to undermine democracy itself
  7. are trying to take the country back to where there is no right to choose
  8. are against the right to contraception

Okay, so let’s look at that:

    1. Who doesn’t respect the constitution? It seems to me that democrats don’t. The right to free speech has been obliterated with their hold on the media and social networks like Twitter and Facebook where people are constantly being barred from using social media sites. They also control most of the mainstream media and present only one side of things to the people. That side being the Democratic narrative.
    2. The rule of law is a joke to democrats. One prime example is taking a look back at the rioting that went on in the streets all across America and was very predominant in democrat-run areas. The burning and looting were all done against private businesses and stole the livelihood of people right out from under their feet in a very short time.
    3. The will of the people is violated daily by democrats that want to teach our very young children things that most parents are against. However, if parents complain they are labeled as domestic terrorists.
    4. Refusal to accept the results of a free election. The election was mostly a free for all for the democrats. It has been proven that illegal ballot boxes were stuffed. Much of the stuffing came from voters that did not exist. They were either dead or should not be on the voter rolls for various reasons. It has been proven that there were multiple problems with the voter machines. Until just very recently, judges across the nation refused to even consider looking at the lawsuits filed against those behind these machines.
    5. How would this be any different than what democrats do? Let’s face it, we would all like for our side to win elections regardless of what we are voting for.
    6. Part of a democracy is the right to disagree with things. This includes elections. The undermining of democracy is the absolute refusal to take a fair and honest look at election results. It seems though that “the fix” was somehow put into place to not have the ability to see if it is justified to doubt the election results.
    7. The only ones taking us backward where we don’t have a right to choose are the fascist democrats. They would like for their power to be supreme without the ability of the people to decide. Right now Joe Biden seems to think that he is kingly. He thinks that because he says something, everyone should go along with it regardless of their personal feelings or beliefs. One very large example is the right to refuse vaccination against covid if you are in the military.
    8. What the democrats refer to as contraception is what the rest of the world knows as abortion. So if republicans don’t quite believe in contraception as you call it, then we will have to stand up and profess our guilt. The Abortion laws have been moved back to the states and their elected legislators by the Supreme Court overturning Roe V. Wade.  This is how making and upholding laws work in this country. So, going back to his statement saying republicans are against the rule of law is another lie.

The Litany of Lies

The January 6th Capital Incursion Does Not Define Maga Republicans

The events of January 6th when the capital was entered, were conducted by a small group of people. These people are not what the MAGA movement as a group is made up of. Within any group, it is easy to find a few bad apples that some would like to use to paint a portrait of everyone. We will digress a little though and go back to the riots in the streets across America. Thousands of people doing the same thing night after night. Not just one incident with few people involved. The J6 hearings are a farce and political ploy to divide our nation.

The Clear and Present Danger Is Not Trump

Biden quotes one judge as saying Trump is a clear and present danger to our democracy. The feelings of one person are not what most people would form a basis of opinion on. On the other hand, there are many people that feel Joe Biden is a clear and present danger to our democracy. Biden is a danger to our self-defense. He left billions of dollars worth of military equipment to our enemy. Those people will turn around and try to use those weapons on us or our allies. They will tear this equipment apart and build weapons just like them to be used against us. Biden is a danger to our defenses by sending rockets and missiles to Ukraine and leaving us without the equipment needed if we were to somehow be attacked and need to return fire.

Biden is a danger by sending billions of dollars around the world. Billions of dollars that we do not have. All of this borrowing is being bought by nations like China. What happens when they decide to call in their loans?

Build A Future?

Joe Biden says it is time to build our future. That it is time to not obsess about the past. Joe, what have you done since you were proclaimed president? Every time he opens his mouth it has something to do with Donald Trump. Talk about being obsessed with the past, that is about all he does (what he can remember of it that is).

Biden says he wants to build a nation of hope, unity, and optimism. He follows this up by saying that MAGA is a nation of fear, division, and darkness. We fear his policies that are responsible for raising the cost of everything.  Now millions are in fear of the actual darkness from blackouts caused by an inadequate energy grid trying to manage mandates from the “green new deal initiative.  We fear the division that you constantly spread with your messages against hard-working American citizens. 

Free and Fair Elections

We all want free and fair elections. We want to feel confident that our vote is going where we want it to go. The easiest way for this to happen is to return to paper ballots that cannot be altered without it being very evident. We don’t want our vote going into a machine driven by a program that has the ability to switch our vote to another candidate. Why is it that the Democrats are so afraid to look at the evidence that has been brought before them regarding free and fair elections?

America Believes In Honesty and Decency

Let’s be honest about a few things. The Biden administration has done everything possible to not have Hunter Biden’s laptop made evidence against him and the Biden family. If Joe was honest he would embrace a full investigation into the 2020 election. There must be a lot to hide. As far as decency goes, we don’t think that too many people want their children sexualized as they are being done by the liberal democrats. Most parents do not want their children exposed openly to drag queens. These people think that it is very indecent to allow people to use restroom facilities that do not match their gender according to the chromosomes of their bodies at birth.

Protect and Defend America

Joe Biden speaks of defending America. Then do it. Stop pushing people away from military service to our country. Stop depleting our forces by demanding the shooting up of everyone in it with the vaccine. Doing this along with leaving some of the best military weapons on the ground for our enemies to use against us, is not defending America. Allowing the speaker of the house to thumb her nose up at the Chinese government does not protect America. We don’t suggest shirking away from the CCP, however, we also don’t suggest driving by and giving them the finger to irritate them. Yet this is pretty much what Nancy Pelosi did and that is not a good thing for America’s long-term security. Maybe you think that because of the close personal relationships between the Biden family and the Chinese government that all is well.

Violence As A Political Tool

How can we say that violence is an unacceptable political tool yet advertise for 87,000 IRS agents that must be willing to carry a weapon? These people will go through training on the use of the weapon and be expected to use it against the people. This is not how we draw Americans together by using Gestapo tactics in regard to paying taxes.

No Place For Political Violence In America

Again back to the events of January 6th. Remember to obsess over the past? Anyway, this was one small group and they could have been stopped before things got out of hand. The call to have the national guard in place was rejected. The doors to the capitol were opened by a guard. No doors were not broken down until the offenders were allowed inside. Was this possibly an inside job? Is it possible that this was in fact all orchestrated by the Democrats? It was pretty obvious there were operatives at the rally. 

Moral clarity and Conviction

Where is your moral clarity, Joe? How moral is it to perform abortions on babies that are only a few weeks from being born? Babies that if pulled from the womb could be easily kept alive and grow into adulthood. Where is the morality in using the FBI as an armed political force? Where is the morality in things that your son has done and not letting anyone investigate your role? What about allowing people to just march into our country and assume that everyone will just accept more mouths to feed? People to clothe, house, and take care of medically. Where is the morality in allowing murderers, terrorists, and human traffickers to come across the border? The only clarity is that Joe Biden and the Democrats are allowing drug cartels to push fentanyl across an open border. This is killing over 100,000 Americans every year

The Biden Administration and the liberal democrats show us no morality!

Election Integrity

If we can’t let the integrity of our elections be undermined, then every voting machine in use in this country should be allowed a full and unfettered inspection and analysis. You keep talking about free and fair elections, but we don’t KNOW that they are free and fair. We must be able to know who is voting. Voting by illegal immigrants should not be allowed in any American election. If those people care so much about our political system, then they need to show the same concern by following the law to become American citizens. Once citizens everyone is very encouraged to vote in elections. Further, if you have to have a license to go fishing or get food stamps then you should need an ID to vote

Respect Political Differences

Joe Biden says we need to respect our political differences. How about respecting free and fair elections by allowing inspectors to look at the vote tabulating machines? It has been proven that there are problems with some of these machines.  Why is the government so afraid of letting impartial people inspect these machines? 

The MAGA movement only wants free and fair elections. People don’t want untold numbers of fraudulent ballots dropped into drop boxes somewhere in the middle of the night. They want to know that their vote is counted correctly.

The Things You Believe in

Biden spent some time giving a Democrat political rally telling of the things they believe in. Then telling everyone how much he dislikes Donald Trump. He conveyed to everyone how bad MAGA is. By the way Mr. President, those letters stand for Make America Great Again. What do you stand for except a dislike for those that truly love America the way it was supposed to be from its inception by our forefathers?

Why Joe Biden?

It’s hard to understand why Joe Biden is so willing to make our country depend upon others rather than being self-reliant wherever possible. We had a president that stood tall and proud and stood up for America. He made others view us with the respect we are so deserving of. Donald Trump made progress in so many areas. Joe Biden immediately started to strip them away. Things like lowering drug prices. Manufacturing was being called back to America. We had a very strong economy without inflation. We were on track to make America great again. Joe Biden and his cronies in a mere 18 months have managed to undo all of the good that was America and put her back into decline

WHY? The American people are deserving of a real and true answer. But we are wise enough to know that will never happen with Joe Biden as president and the Democrats in power.

After Joe Biden’s speech, Fox and Friends aired this with Senator John Kennedy of the Senate Judicial Committee


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