Is Joe Biden Trying To Tear Down America?

Is Joe Biden Trying To Tear Down America?

This is a question that many Americans are asking right now. People take a look around and see what Joe Biden has done to America during his relatively short time in office as president of the United States. Is he trying to tear down America?

Before he took office we were actually energy self-sufficient. America was producing more oil than what we needed. We were actually shipping oil from America to other parts of the world. Now, after shutting down oil pipelines and drilling across America, we are basically begging the middle east oil-producing nations to increase their production so we can meet our needs for our daily consumption. As a result of just this one action by Joe Biden, the price of gas at the pump has increased anywhere between $1.00 and $1.50 or sometimes more than the price we paid before his tenure began.

Handing Out Cash From The Left

Joe Biden is handing out cash left and right. This is cash that we do not have. Everything he is trying to give away is money that is borrowed. Who will repay this debt? Our children and our grandchildren will have to try to repay all of this debt that will be almost insurmountable.

Mr. Biden has many people upset and they feeling this way for good reason. Joe Biden has proposed nullifying all college loan debt. People who worked while going to school are rightfully upset with this proposal as they tried to pay for their education as they went along. Or, how about those that graduated with considerable debt and either paid it off or are diligently trying to repay their loans.

Now his administration is trying to cover the cost of child care. They are doing this so that mothers can go to work. But who is really paying for this child care? It is everyone working and paying taxes that are picking up this tab too.

Consequences of Joe Biden’s Actions

These are the ways that Joe Biden and the left are trying to tear down America along with many other methods. It seems that every day something new is being broadcast showing the incompetence of our current president. Or is he after all, very competent? Maybe the entire plan all along by the left is to tear down our great country. If that is their intent then Joe Biden is doing a fabulous job of how someone can tear down a country in a very short period of time.

You can easily see everything that is happening in America. But what can you do about it other than to sit around and let it all happen? One place you can go is to and join in with the others that are seeing and don’t like it. Here you will find many other conservatives that share the same values as you have. Find the latest news on all of the insanity being propagated by Joe Biden and the radical liberals.