Is a Red Wave Coming In the Mid-term Elections?

Is a Red Wave Coming In the Mid-term Elections?

Do you think that there is a red wave coming and washing all across America during the mid-term elections in 2022?

What the Polls Show

Right now all of the polls show that the Democrats will have a tough time winning most anywhere in America during the 2022 mid-term elections. We think that the primary reason for this is due to the way that both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are perceived by so many people. Their approvals ratings are very low. Currently, Joe Biden’s approval rating is around 42%. Kamala Harris is much lower, and we might add an embarrassment to the democrats with an approval rating in the neighborhood of about 28%. The ultra-low approval of the VP is unheard of and doesn’t bode well for the party.

Joe’s Not All There

There are other problems surrounding Joe Biden that affect how people are seeing the democrats. It has become almost universally understood that Mr. Biden has some cognitive difficulties. It also appears that his problems are getting worse at a rapid pace. He can’t remember the things he is talking about and regularly veers off course when he is discussing matters of importance. Most people also believe that without his handlers, Biden would not be able to handle any discussions in a logical manner.

Some might say that this doesn’t matter because we are not going to be electing a president during the upcoming elections. But Joe Biden and the policies that have been displayed by him and the democratic party are not sitting well with many Americans. All along the conservative republican party has made it clear that they are not happy with the things that are coming out of Washington. Conservatives see that the democrats are attempting to lead this country into socialism. Republicans see that we are on a path leading to the destruction of democracy as we have known it in our country. They understand that we can not and should not attempt to continually give everything away to the people as this is the start of the failure of democracy.

Crafty Democrats

The democrats have been quite crafty in their ways. They have given many things to the people over the years and are essentially turning these people into those that become reliant upon the government. As a result of the promise of even more giving, they believe these people will vote democrat. This is not what this country needs, but the Dems have made puppets of these receivers. Once people have turned into being reliant they can then give or take away as they see fit. At that point, we have become socialist.

Thankfully, many see the writing on the wall and will turn the tables to where both the senate and congress are mostly republican representatives. The balance of power will change and the nation will slowly begin to claw its way back to being what it should be like in America.

Not Ready To Abandon The Democratic Party

Many people are not ready to give up on their democratic party however they are beginning to see what is happening and are not too pleased with it. As such, many of these voters that would have automatically voted democrat and now rethinking their vote. Many are ready to turn to the republican that exercises common sense and shows some semblance of being a democrat. Yes, these formerly pure democrats are now rethinking their vote and are ready to exercise it to being a republican vote.

Republicans Will Vote This Mid Term

As for those republicans that failed to vote in the last election or even possibly a few prior elections now see that it is imperative that they too participated in their voting rights. They see what is happening all around them and know that their vote is important and necessary.

There are some that say that this current government is what the American people want. To that, we say “rubbish”. We are collectively a very intelligent nation and we are also lovers of our freedom and our democratic form of government. Also, we know that we can not sit back and let one party decimate our way of life. We can’t let them turn us into a socialist form of government where we are all their pawns. We can all agree that there are times when our government is not perfect and we all speak out against it at one time or another. But, we must realize that once we lose our current way of living, we will no longer have the right to speak up about what we dislike.

Get Ready For the Mid-Terms

Get ready for the 2022 mid-term elections! It will be bitter with all types of accusations against those running on a republican platform. Just see your way through all of the slander and garbage that is being spewed by the opposing party and get to the voting booth to cast your vote. Show that the United States still has a very good fighting chance of remaining a strong democratic form of government. Show that we care about our future and those of our children and grandchildren. Let’s show how red stands out so strongly as we stand up for the red, white, and blue.

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