Genuine, Frank Political Debates Are Needed

Genuine, Frank Political Debates Are Needed

Views from the left. Views from the right. But, we never seem to have views that serve the American people.

Don’t you think it’s time that our elected officials have genuine frank political debates?

Partisanship Instead Of Good For Everyone

Why is everything so partisan? Why can’t our elected officials seem to do the job that we elected them to do? We elected them to serve the needs of the American people. I don’t believe that we ever elected any public official to act as a one-sided talking head.

It’s time for those in Washington to begin acting as a cohesive group with one interest in mind. The interest of what is best for the majority of the American people.

Campaign Mud Slinging Instead of Frank Political Debates

We see it as they are campaigning for office. It’s always throwing mud at the opponent. It doesn’t matter which political party the individual aligns with. If they are Republican or Democrat it is always the same thing and we are fed up with these antics. They will tell us that they will work for us if they are elected. What they mean by those statements is that they will work for us as long as we align with the political party.

It doesn’t seem to matter what the issue is. It doesn’t seem to matter if the subject is good for the majority of the population. What seems to matter is whether they can get enough votes from members of their party to pass whatever is up for discussion and a vote.

Make Better Choices to Represent Us

It’s time to stop going to the polls and continually voting the same people into office. It is time to bring in people that are truly interested in what is good for America and for all Americans. It’s time that there be frank discussions amongst our elected officials. Also, it’s time that they share their ideas to come up with plans that truly work for everyone.

It’s time to forget about aligning with the left or the right. Our legislators need to be frank about the subjects before them. They need to speak freely to share their ideas and to come up with a better collective plan.

Legislative Votes Outside Party Lines

Wouldn’t it be nice to see a vote on a matter that has 90 percent of all of the legislators voting to approve a measure? Instead, we seem to see that bills that pass are passed along party lines. What has happened here? Does the opposing side have outlandish views on the matter that don’t allow the matter to pass unless it is done along those old party lines?

Wake Up – Demand More

It’s time for America to wake up and demand more from the people that are supposed to be working for us rather than for the Republican or the Democratic party. It’s time that the people we have in the office understand that they need to work for everyone or we don’t need them in their current capacity. The time has come to stop the bickering like little children and stand up and speak frankly on all subjects of concern.

No More Political Gangs- Time For Frank Political Debates

What is happening in politics today is almost like the way gangs work. The gangs each have their territory and the opposing gang can’t enter into it without repercussions by the gang who controls that particular territory. The gangs don’t get together and decide what is best for everyone regardless of the territory. The only discussion goes something like “my gang is more powerful than yours, so we can do as we please without the worry about how you feel”.

Are our politicians like the Sharks and the Jets? The left or the right? Finally, the time has come for these groups to come together with genuine frank debates that solve problems that are not one-sided solutions.