Free Speech In The United States

Our right to free speech in the United States is envied by many around the world. There are people around the world that fight and sometimes die every day in an attempt to gain the right to speak freely about their government regardless of what it is they want to say including the idea of speaking negatively about the leaders of their governments. In the United States of America, we take it for granted that we can say almost anything we want about our leaders without fear of repercussions. Especially ones that may end up hurting or even being deadly to ourselves or our families.

Our Ability To Speak Freely

Yet, even with our ability to speak freely, we seem to be going through a period of time right now when there are certain groups of people that wish to try to repress our right, our ability, to say what we want to say. Various tactics are being used by these groups. Some of the tactics are “scare” in nature such as having large police or even military presence on hand when there are rallies being held. We do understand that there are times when these people may be there to help protect those wishing to have their voices heard from others that would somehow attempt to quell their voices. But too often nowadays, the presence of authority is more so to show that voices of free speech can be muted if desired.

Using Our Voices

Frank Speech Online is meant to show that we understand what is happening and it’s about using our clear voices and our right to free speech. This is to help everyone to see for themselves, what at times, is an opposing point of view. This differs from what some deem might not be okay for people to express. We don’t believe that the right to free speech in America is only there for those that agree with what one party or group thinks. No one group should be the only ones to have their opinions expressed openly. We also don’t believe that when “they” let others’ opinions be heard widely, that the opposing people expressing those opinions should be held in a manner of contempt. Or worse, they should be openly ridiculed to an extent where the hope is that you would stop expressing your opinion via your right to free speech. Connect on social media, make videos expressing your right to free speech, and just be active!

Express Your Opinions With UsFrank Speech is free speech

If you can see these things happening with ever greater frequency within the United States of America and don’t like what you are seeing, then we invite you to join us at Frank Speech Online. This is a place where we may sometimes express some opinions that others disagree with. Join us in enjoying the freedoms we have in our great country to have our voices heard openly across our great land and around the world.  Do this so that we never lose our true rights to full free speech and not just the free speech that some might have you speak.

The need to stand up for our rights has never been greater in the history of our land than it is right now. If you can’t immediately see what is going on then we suggest taking a look at other nations around the world vying to have this right.  Take a look at history to see what happens when the right to speak freely is quashed. The people are left only with the right to speak freely when the opinion being expressed is in agreement with the leader’s ideals.