FrankSpeech or FrankSpeach?

FrankSpeech or FrankSpeach?

When you want to visit the conservative social media site of frank speech, do you think it might be possible to mistype? Also, instead of spelling it as frank speech, you might enter it as frank speach? It is possible to misspell a word here or there. In fact, even the best of spellers makes an error occasionally.

You would be forgiven for your error and you would be able to get to the official site of

English is one of the most difficult languages to master, both in speaking and in writing. It seems that for every so-called rule in the English language there is something that comes up and defies that so-called rule. With this in mind, it is quite easy to see how we might misspell a word or two. When you think about the spelling of certain words it is easy to see how we could easily make an error. Let’s take for example the word speak. It is very close to the word speech. So why isn’t it spelled the same way? Why isn’t the word speak spelled using double “e” rather than “ea”? Why isn’t the word speech spelled using “ea” instead of double “e”?

Ponder These Thoughts on Speech

We could spend a lot of time pondering this mystery or we could just resign ourselves to spelling the word speech using the double “e”. In addition, make our way directly to and then spend our time pondering why liberals don’t seem to possess even a small amount of common sense.

Want a case in point? How about this one as a prime example. President Biden seems to feel the lawbreakers should be rewarded for their misdeeds. He feels that people who made an attempt at entering into our country illegally with their families should be paid if they became separated once in border patrol custody.

So let’s see about this idea. If you or I break the law and are caught, we should be rewarded for doing so? We should be paid if we took our children with us while we tried to break into someone else’s home or business. Does this make any sense whatsoever? I thought that the purpose of having laws was to make sure that someone would be duly punished when they broke the law and were caught. Apparently, our liberal government officials think far differently than the average person. They propose that those in the above situation be paid $450,000.00 per person for their indiscretions.

Paying Immigrants

That’s right, they want to take the hard-earned money that each of us contributes to the government in the form of taxes and pay people who have no right to be here for breaking our laws. Can you imagine that? Most of us struggle by working all of our lives to save that much money for retirement. Why do that when you could simply give up your citizenship, head across the border to Mexico, and then get caught trying to reenter the USA illegally? If you did this with three children you could avoid working so hard all of your life and end up with well over one million dollars. You would then be given citizenship and then quite possibly you may also end up with free food, free housing, and free medical care. All of this is at the expense of those that you committed a crime.

Somehow or another this all seems to make perfect sense to our liberal leaders. If you ask most people if they would agree with this, they just shake their heads and then ask if you are serious about a proposal of this type. How desperate are these people to get a few votes that they are willing to buy them at such a great cost? Keep in mind too that this cost is to be paid by all of us. 

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about this particular subject or all of the other issues we face today, you just need to remember to use the double “e” when attempting to get to Once there you can read about what is happening by watching videos or listening to podcasts from some highly influential conservative people. People who understand that the purpose of laws is to enforce them. People who feel that once the lawbreakers are caught, they should be properly punished rather than rewarded for what they have done.

Conservative minds still possess common sense and we would love for you to share your thoughts about the things that concern patriotic Americans.