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frank Speech live

Although the road has been full of roadblocks, Frank Speech is live. And Frank Speech Live has plenty to offer! However, what is available? And wasn’t there supposed to be social media? Well, hold your questions because we are going to talking about all this and more!

Rough Start

While Frank Speech has been reaching for the starts, there has been a lot of knockdowns. Since the very beginning, efforts to get the project live have been a challenge. From the initial launch being attacked by a Denial of Service and other forms of sabotage, it has been difficult. In addition, the mounting political pressure has cause people to ignore the truth. Even when it is right in front of them. Frank Speech isn’t the first to be opposed. After all, they have been de-platforming social media sites likes Parlor. However, these issues have left people wondering, “what happened to Frank Speech?” But the wait is over because now everything is live!

Broadcasts and More with Frank Speech!

Finally, Frank is accessible to the people. And it plans on living up to being the Voice of Free Speech. A variety of content is waiting for any visitor to the site, ranging from news articles, TV programs, and broadcasts. All of these broadcasts are possible because of the many influencers, creators, and broadcast network administrators of Frank Speech. All of these programs are able to connect with a variety of target audiences. Outside of Lindell TV and Brannon Howse Live, popular voices like Diamond and Silk and Dinesh D’Sourza have their own channels. In addition, there is an expansive list of broadcasts from unique contributors like For Liberty’s Sake and Common Sense.

Live Broadcasts at Frank

Rather than just seeing broadcasts after they are posted, Frank Speech is hosting live broadcasts! That is right, Frank Speech is live streaming. And for channels like Lindell TV, it is 24/7. In fact, the Cyber Symposium that started August 8th is being broadcasted live at Frank Speech.

Frank Speech Social: Coming Soon

You have every right to ask that question. After all, Frank Speech’s ultimate goal is to create a great social network platform for everyone. Considering how popular social media and 1st Amendment rights aren’t compatible, building a bastion for Freedom of Speech is vital. Well, fear not! Because Frank Speech’s social media network is coming soon. Although it is taking time, Frank Speech wants to be the best. Not just as a broadcasting platform and social media site, but as a true voice of the people.


  1. I’m a member of the Michigan Genesee county GOP and am frustrated with the fact that no one is looking at these electronic ballot tabulator machines. Please contact me with any info on this subject.
    You have my name & email here is my phone # 989-274-3961 I would love to talk to some one there about this by phone.
    Thank you.

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