Frank Speech App Now Available

Frank Speech App Now Available

The new Frank Speech App is now available on iOS, Android, and other streaming platforms.  You can now get the best of Frank Speech content on your preferred devices. However, what devices are Frank Speech is available on? Furthermore. what about the prospect of mobile apps when it comes to the best conservative apps?

Streaming Platforms and Devices

The Frank Speech App is a huge jump forward in regards to conservative audiences. However, let us talk about these streaming devices and how large of an impact they will have on reaching a larger audience. One of the many streaming platforms that Frank Speech is Fire TV, the largest platform available on the market. Fire TV has over 40 million users, overtaking Roku TV itself (another platform that the Frank Speech App is available on). The new streaming platforms that Frank Speech App is on are commonly integrated with Samsung and LG TVs.

Frank Speech is available on Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, and Tizen for LG and Samsung TV. However, it is also available on mobile devices.

Mobile Apps

In addition to Frank Speech being available on other streaming platforms like Apple TV, this conservative alternative is also on iOS and Android devices. For a while, finding conservative apps for iPhones and Androids has been a challenge. After all, there were significant efforts to prevent platforming conservative social media such as Gab and Parler. For while, it feel like the social media market was shooting itself in the foot, considering people were trying to find an alternative to Twitter and other mainstream apps. While Frank Speech is new to the mobile scene, it is starting to feel like the conservative social media market is growing.

Amid social media censorship, alternative social media networks are key. That is why the release of the Frank Speech App is an achievement. So, this would be a good time to try out the Frank Speech and other conservative apps! Make sure to visit Frank Speech today for the latest news!