Frank Prevails

Frank Prevails

From the beginning, it almost seemed to be plagued. Within minutes of its initial launch, Frank Speech was under attack from a DOS (denial of service). This obviously was very intentional and very targeted. Is someone afraid of this new social media network? Are they afraid that the message that is being spread by Mike Lindell and his crew is absolutely legitimate? Why are they so afraid of what conservatives might have to say? Of course, everyone that wanted to see this network up and running had a hard time accessing the site and the question kept popping up right away “what happened to Mike Lindell”?

It took a little while but everyone got their answer as to what was going on. Mike’s new network Frank Speech was truly alive and well although it took a team of specialists almost 40 minutes to bring the site back up online. Following that, the continued attacks forced the Frank team to institute more restrictive measures. As eager as Mike Lindell and his influencers and dedicated team are, some people just want to stifle free speech. We’re pretty sure that Frank’s launch caused some angst amongst far-left liberals that try to block those seeking the truth about the 2020 election.  That’s not all that is about of course. There are hundreds of influencers that use video, blogs, articles, and podcasts who wish to continue to spread the message of hope for our nation. There are millions more that wish to voice their opinion without censorship or fear on a social media network. That is what Frank is for. In fact,  we might look back in history at some great patriots here, and some of the persecution that they endured during their time.

Fighting Marxist Views

So the cowards that couldn’t face the idea that someone might fight back against their Marxist views quickly found that Mike Lindell and the Frank Speech website were alive and well. They found that they couldn’t be stifled by their attacks on the conservative purveyor of truth in America with their antics. Every day it seems we hear of some foreign government trying to attack our government and our way of life using cyber attacks. We all rally together and cry out against anyone trying to harm America. Yet we find that as soon as someone tries to espouse our way of life, they are attacked from within. It looks to us like this has hit a nerve and some people are afraid that conservatives are on to their games.  They must try what they can to keep us quiet so we can’t continue to tell everyone what they are really doing to our nation. Free and unencumbered conservative social media networks like Frank will help in fighting Marxist views.

They Tried – They Failed

So their attempts to shut down the broadcast network failed. What do they do next? They do what most immature people do. They act like small children and begin attacking on another level. Just as children without many coping skills begin to call out names and try to make fun of others, so too do these people. They create websites just to slam People must think that they will really get Mike this time. They will call him names. They will make fun of the fact that they attempted to shut down the site from the beginning. These individuals will try to make fun of conservatives or anyone with a different opinion. They really do to show just how small and immature thinking they really are.

Mike Lindell’s Frank Speech Alive and Well

But now for the real kicker… is alive and well. It continues to gain more audience every day. All of this goes to show that when you have something worthwhile, someone will do all they can to take it away from you. It also shows that when you have something the people want, then all that others may try to do to tear it down, just won’t work. Mike Lindell’s Frank Speech project will continue to grow and become a great social network platform that conservatives, libertarians, and all Americans can go.

Our Thanks

In all, we almost have to thank those that have tried to do harm. It made us fight a little harder and it taught us some very valuable lessons about just how underhanded radical liberals can be. It has taught us that we must continue to work hard to help maintain our great way of life in America. Frequently it is not a foreign enemy we must fight, Our enemies would rather tear us down from within. To this, we say that we are sorry that you will not wear us down or beat us. We will stand strong as only true Americans can and we will preserve all that we have and ever hope to have.

This leads us to remember what a very wise man once said:

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

― Ronald Reagan