Fake News

It has come to our attention that there are several fake websites out there that are attempting to block Frank and any of the other legitimate websites dealing with free speech and conservativism. They do this by putting up “True Fake News” websites and articles in an attempt to mock others that legitimately should be heard.  

Fake News to Block Free Speech

We are flattered that a number of people and organizations consider our conservativism and our caring about free speech so much that they would try to block it.

  • First: Try to discredit anything that we have to say. Especially since we have not come out and directly or even indirectly attacked them or any of their specific websites. They try to discredit Frank Speech by saying free speech is blocked. Really? That’s all they got? We simply don’t feel that certain “curse words” don’t have a good place in polite society. If anyone feels the need to be rude and crude elsewhere; go for it.
  • Second: By attempting to block Frank, that they would use so many images that are so close to the original images used by Frank Speech. In fact, they have gone so far as to even use copyrighted materials. BTW: In case they aren’t aware, the use of copyrighted materials without approval is against the law.
  • Third: They have tried so hard to make fun of what we have done so as to make themselves look foolish. But, that’s alright because just like some of their fans, we have found their outrageously ridiculous rants funny. Hey, everyone needs a good laugh now and then. Unfortunately, the fake news is more sad than funny.

Liberal Rants and Buffalo Back Ends

The fake news that you present is just like so much of the liberal rant. It is all just a bunch of what comes out of the back end of a buffalo. Now that’s not all bad because buffalo chips can be used to help fertilize the ground that we need to help grow crops and so many other good things that come from the earth. It can also be used as a burning material so it does have some value, if only in specific manners.

We really didn’t mean to scare those folks with the truth and opinions that we have to offer. Unfortunately many have been delusional for so long and rely upon some very power-hungry individuals for information. If you can, please follow along with what we have to say.  Hopefully, they will soon be able to distinguish between “true fake news,” and what is being spoon-fed to them by traditional news media and big tech. Once that happens our hope is that they will stop mocking the opinions of others and engage in honest discourse. In the meantime, we will continue to watch what they post if for nothing more than having a good laugh at their expense. 

Fake News Vs. Honest Opinions

We will continue to monitor the fake news that these groups disseminate and counter it with the truth and honest opinions. This is a right and privilege that is so loved by so many in this great nation.