Facebook, Twitter Vs Free Speech for Conservatives

Facebook, Twitter Vs Free Speech for Conservatives

Both Facebook and Twitter are social media network platforms used to carry messages from one person to many others in a fast and easy fashion. Long gone are the days when a message had to spread from one person to another via getting directly in touch with another person and telling them your message. They in turn might get in touch with another of their friends and continue to spread the message.

With the dawn of electronic devices and mediums, we can now reach thousands of other people in seconds. We can also do this without ever having to directly contact these people. Because some of our friends receive notice that you have a new message to be aware of, once they view it they can in turn send this same message to others. These may be people that you have no idea who they may be. How’s that for getting your message across?

Both Social Media Giants, Facebook, and Twitter say that they pride themselves on the idea of free speech. The idea is that you get to share what is on your mind with others. This is great since our First Amendment states that Americans have the right to free speech.

What Is Free Speech?

What comes next is the question of what is free speech. Free speech basically means that you have the right to speak your mind. You have the right to say that there may be things that you don’t like. Some of those things could be political in nature. You have the right to state that you don’t like some of the ideas or policies set forth by our leaders. In addition, you can also do this without fear of major repercussions. You don’t have to be concerned that because you say something, that you or your family might disappear in the middle of the night.

All of the above is what the idea of free speech in America is all about. Free speech does not give you the right to anything you want though. You may not say things such as let’s do harm to the leaders that we don’t agree with. There are limitations of what you may or may not say publicly. The greater good must be considered at all times when we refer to free speech.

Free Speech On Social Platforms

So where does this leave major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter? Does your First Amendment right apply when you use these platforms to spread your views? In certain circumstances, the right to free speech does not apply when using these platforms. Why? Because they are private corporations. They have been established as part of our capitalist society to bring wealth to the owners or creators.