Dr Fauci Lab Experiments

The Origins of Covid 19

Many Americans are wondering about just how much did Dr. Fauci know about what was happening in the Wuhan labs. It is said that Fauci, if not fully aware of things going on in Wuhan, at least should have suspected what was happening. Did he know about the lab experiments with SARS-related virus? Was he either directly or indirectly involved with this experimentation? Based on a lot of evidence, the origins of Covid 19 make the lab in Wuhan China a prime suspect. So let’s look at some of it.

Dr. Fauci was under a huge grant of over $3.7 million to work with the US-based EcoHealth Alliance to look into possible coronaviruses from bats. Later $600,000.00 was given to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Funding To Study Gain-Of-Function

Dr. Fauci was asked if funding was provided to study gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Lab. He denied that accusation with a statement saying that the NIH (National Institutes of Health) has never participated in that type of research. Later it was discovered that two papers were published showing that new viruses that did not exist naturally were created. They also showed that new potential pathogens were created that were more infectious and that these did not occur naturally. Thus it was indicated that gain of function research was indeed created using the above funding grants. It is also worth noting that the US government withdrew funding for this type of research due to their biosafety concerns.

Impossible To Lab Create?

Without any elaboration, Dr. Fauci when questioned denied that the coronavirus could have been created in the laboratory even though he failed to elaborate on this subject. Other scientists claimed that the work they had done indicated that the viruses they had worked on showed that these viruses showed they had intrinsic properties that gave them the ability to infect humans.

Research also showed that such viruses included a gain of function and that they bore enhanced pathogenicity or transmission ability to transfer from mammals through the respiratory system.

Was Fauci In Part Responsible?

At this point, we ask if indeed Dr. Fauci was in part responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic of 2019-2022? What else may he be possibly connected to? Is he indeed part of the recently discovered experiments on beagle puppies? Would he be murderous enough to barbarically remove the vocal cords of young dogs so that no one could hear them cry and howl as they were eaten alive by sandflies?

Responsible For Cruel Experiments On Puppies?

Although recent articles tried to cast blame on Dr. Fauci for these types of studies it is now shown that Dr. Fauci had no direct connection to such cruel experiments on living creatures that are so affectionate toward human beings. An email to The Independent states in length that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease and its director Dr. Anthony Fauci had no involvement in such testing. However, they did indicate that they were involved with other experiments on young dogs. The agency did indicate that they are involved in experiments to develop a vaccine for the disease leishmaniasis. This is a sometimes deadly disease that leads to disabling disfigurations. The disease is rather common in some developing countries throughout some tropical parts and also in some places in southern Europe.

A Different Experiment On Dogs

They also said that their experiments were not conducted when puppies were trapped as in the pictures widely distributed over the past few days. They stated that all of their dogs were confined to enclosed open spaces during the day during high sandfly season.

We have to ask if this is really that much different than what has recently been circling around lately. Because dogs can move around a little more freely, does this lessen the impact of being eaten alive? Does this clear Fauci from being a madman of sorts? These dogs also had their vocal cords removed so that they could not scream in pain. The NIAID says they did this because the noise would be stressful on other dogs and that the noise level would be too high for human beings to listen to all day. They said the noise level would be against OSHA rules. They don’t comment on why the dogs would be screaming in pain or what the poor animals feel when these experiments were being conducted on them.

A Monster In Disguise

Is Dr. Fauci a monster in disguise? What is he responsible for? If we know of these experiments, what other experiments are being conducted under his leadership that we don’t know about? Is it time for the doctor to resign from his position?