Democrats Misuse “Democracy”

Democrats Misuse “Democracy”

It seems like in every political debate, the political pundits from the left are blasting the conservatives for “ruining democracy.”  These people have no idea how the type of democracy was set up in the United States. Or, probably more accurately how it should work.  So, what about that?

Democracy in the United States

The biggest thing to understand about democracy in the United States is that we aren’t one. The closest we get to democracy is representative democracy but still isn’t accurate. The United States’ political system is a democratic Republic. In the United States, it is the ability to have direct democracy on the local and state levels. Citizens vote and the majority will win in local and state elections. Furthermore, Americans vote for the representatives that will make policies based on their interests.

Democrats: “Every Vote Matters”

When it comes to how Democrats define democracy, we have to discuss what they consider undemocratic. First of all, Democrat senators and representatives have continuously called for the dismantlement of the Electoral College and Senate. Elizabeth Warren famously stated that “every vote matters” as a reason to jettison the institution. While Warren and many Democrats may need a civics lesson on the United States government system, it does give insight into what Democrats believe democracy is.

The notion that the majority should always decide comes from the earliest form of democracy; direct democracy. Where the majority would decide policies and representatives. Sound straightforward right? Well, no. Democrats’ version of “democracy” is adopting the characteristics that lead to chaos, mob rule, and violence.

You can see these traits in the current Democrat party. While many people argue that they are defending people’s rights, they use the same devolved method. When Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision was leaked, the first response from Democrats and their supporters was to create a mob. The right to protest is for all Americans, however, the purpose of these gatherings is rather different as they are saying that they are the majority.

So, What is Right? 

It is very clear that people have different opinions about what democracy is in America. Even now, the article cannot cover every perspective. However, based on the behavior of the Democratic Party, you can how they use it.

One thing is for sure, no matter what side you are on, our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our ability to vote in free and fair elections are cornerstones of our Democratic Republic.