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More Traffic Deaths in the Name of Equity?

You would think with the global pandemic in 2020, the number of traffic deaths in the United States would have gone down significantly. However, you could not be more wrong. In fact, traffic fatalities increased by nearly 25% for blacks since 2020 according to an article in the Washington Post. So, why did traffic fatalities […]

Department of Justice Abusing Power

Once again, the Department of Justice is abusing its power. Last month, the DOJ successfully got the communication and contacts of eight Project Veritas journalists. While the DOJ has a history of overstepping its bounds, they have gone off the deep end. Apple and Google recently came forward to report that the DOJ was threatening […]

2020 Voter Fraud Proven!

After almost 2 years, 2020 voter fraud is still a hot topic. Although people are determined to drop the subject, it seems like persistence finally got results. During the Tucker Carlson Show, the host did a segment on 2020 election fraud, revealing that there indeed was voter fraud in Wisconsin. Apparently tied to the support […]

Frank Speech App Now Available

The new Frank Speech App is now available on iOS, Android, and other streaming platforms.  You can now get the best of Frank Speech content on your preferred devices. However, what devices are Frank Speech is available on? Furthermore. what about the prospect of mobile apps when it comes to the best conservative apps? Streaming […]

Joe Biden’s Justice Department Over Reaches

It is obvious that Joe Biden’s Justice Department overreaches in a lot of areas. However, its involvement with the school boards is too far. The decision for the Justice Department to get involved in the school board is outrageous. This hot-button issue is showing us that there is a limit to how much Americans should […]

Frank Speech For Everyone

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