Canceling MyPillow Is Unacceptable

Canceling MyPillow Is Unacceptable

Recently, Mike Lindell explained how Walmart backed out of selling MyPillow in their stores.  Even though MyPilow was a top seller in the As Seen On TV section of every store. Why would Walmart want to remove a top-selling product from its shelves?

Walmart Does Not like American Made Products

MyPillow is an American-made product and one of the top-selling pillows in the nation.  In addition, before Walmart canceled its order, Mike Lindell was about to offer the pillow for an all-time-low price of $19.98. Now instead of Walmart getting those sales, you can go directly to to get great savings. Also, with this great American-made product at such a great price, nobody would want to buy their cheap Chinese pillows.

For Walmart to appease their Chinese suppliers they needed to remove the competition which meant removing MyPillow. The representatives at Walmart gave Mike Lindell all sorts of excuses such as poor sales (which was a lie) and then some new product credit score that no one has ever heard of. The shady tactics that Walmart uses are beyond ethical.

MyPillow Today And Beyond

Of course, Walmart is not the only way you can buy such a great product. In addition to, there have been a number of new retail stores that now carry the MyPillow products. Companies such as:

  • Ollies
  • Menards
  • Fleet Farm
  • Tractor Supply Company
  • Ace Hardware
  • Hamrick’s
  • Do It Best Hardware
  • Cimarron Lumber & Supply
  • Kent Distributors
  • Mason Companies
  • Kent Distributors
  • Sportsman’s Guide
  • Seed To Table Markets
  • True Value Hardware
  • Lewis Drugs
  • Tri-County Medical Supply
  • And Many More!

This is just the start. More and more retail corporations are tired of canceling culture and bowing to Chinese suppliers. Because of this, they are searching for quality American-made products such as MyPillow. You can do your part and stop shopping at the Chinese-loving Walmart and spending your dollar with companies that support American families!

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