Biden Lies – Foreign Policy Blunders

Biden Lies - Foreign Policy Blunders

Joe Biden has lies that have led to many foreign policy blunders. Also, we have people around the world laughing at our inept president and his ways of doing things.

Mere Months In Office

Biden has only been in office as President of the United States for a mere eight months at the time of this writing. However, his blunders of foreign policy and his lies to try to cover his tracks have been going on for many years.

Failed Actions and Directives

In the past month alone he has failed more than once with his actions and his directives. Biden has not only made poor decisions regarding international issues but also issues affecting almost every American. Joe Biden has failed! Worse yet, he lies about it!

Let’s work backward just a little bit

Recently we had almost 15,000 to 16,000 Haitians come into the United States illegally. The president of course is made aware of this entry once again by foreigners to our country. Joe Biden says that those people camping out under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas would be swiftly deported. A couple of days later two U.S. officials told the Press that many of these illegal immigrants were being released into the interior of the United States with orders to report to immigration authorities within 60 days.

What? Does he really think that these people will all report? When more questions were asked the president’s press secretary said that reporters should ask the Department of Homeland Security about this situation. DHS did not respond to this either. Plus they didn’t even give congress a figure of how many undocumented immigrants were released into our country so far this year.

After all of this, reporters were told that a little over 1400 people had been returned to Haiti. 3200 had been moved to other Customs and Border Protection locations. That all sounds great until you think about 15,000 to 16,000 migrants were below the bride in Del Rio. They were then also told fewer than 5000 people were let go into the Del Rio area with instructions to appear before immigration officials. We added these numbers up and began to wonder where the other 5400 to 6400 other people were.

Why Can’t Joe Biden Take Control?

Where is Joe Biden in all of this? Why hasn’t he decided to take control of this matter and not allow the United States to be flooded with more dependents on our tax money? Why hasn’t he taken control of the border crisis over the past few months? Also, why hasn’t he put his foot down on foreign governments and make them fully aware that they need to take better control of those trying to escape to America?

Major Joe Biden Foreign Policy Blunder

We consider all of this to be a major foreign policy blunder. We also have heard even more lies from Joe Biden. Next, we have recently heard from Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Department of Homeland Security about the refugees from Afghanistan. He states that of the approximately 60,000 Afghan nationals evacuated during Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, a mere 16% are U.S. citizens or Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders.

Does this mean that due to Biden’s instructions, that many hundreds of Americans are still left behind and that many of the people we were supposed to extract are still there? Biden was strong to tell everyone that we had removed many people but he forgets that many were not even vetted? How many of these Afghan’s are intent on helping to destroy our country?

85 Billion (BILLION) Dollars Left Behind

Of course, all of this goes back to Joe Biden’s huge blunder when it came time for our forces and citizens to leave the country. The blunders here are huge. He left over 85 Billion dollars worth of high-grade military equipment on the ground for the people we were fighting for years against to now use as they see fit. Maybe they will turn those weapons against us directly or they will be sold to the highest bidder and enemy of the United States to dismantle to discover our capabilities to defend ourselves.

Joe Biden’s Blunders Hurt & Embarrassed U.S.

After we were out of Afghanistan, Joe Biden, without using the good advice of his military leaders ordered a drone strike. It turns out that there were no “bad guys” there, but rather, innocent civilians.

Joe Biden has the leaders of the world looking at him and America as the laughing stock and joke of the day. His administration is so busy trying to stomp out the bad news about his Kabul debacle, they don’t have time to create good news for the people.

In a free country where people are still free to make decisions regarding their health, Mr. Biden states very loudly that everyone will be vaccinated. His reason for this? He states that he is the president and everyone needs to follow what he says. With that and a stroke of his pen, all companies with 100 or more employees will be required to mandate Covid vaccines for all of their employees. What? We thought this was a free country. In addition, we thought we had the ability to decide our health for ourselves. We didn’t need to be told by a leader of the free world that we must get vaccinated.

More Blunders To Come?

These are just a few lies and blunders perpetrated against the American people by Joe Biden and crew so far this year. What lies ahead? How can our president realistically deal with foreign leaders after some of the things he has done so far?

We all know that he is not competent to run this country. We all realize that he is suffering from a loss of mental ability. Most of America wants him to take a mental competency test to determine once and for all, his ability to lead the leader of the free world. If he keeps going as he has, the rest of the world will lose all faith in the ability and the strength that we have shown to be a nation respected by so many around the world.

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