Are We Headed To Marxism or Socialism In America?

Are We Headed To Marxism or Socialism In America?

Many people are beginning to wonder if the United States is headed towards Socialism or Marxism. This question is asked most generally by those with a conservative viewpoint while those who are liberal seem to just accept the way things are going. Our government right now keeps adding to itself. More government they say is needed.

They say that we need the government to take control of almost every aspect of our lives. This is seen right now with all of the government handouts to everyone. Most people opposed to a socialist society say that this is the first step taken by a government to begin taking control over the lives of its citizens.

When government begins large and frequent handouts people don’t think much of it in the beginning. People are pleased to be “getting something for nothing”. You will hear people saying that they are finally getting something back from the government for all that they have contributed to it. When people say things like this they fail to take into account all of the things that they already get every day. Just the fact that we have a government is where some of what we have contributed in the past goes to work for us daily.

Those saying they don’t get anything don’t stop to realize that the roads we drive every day don’t just happen. We fail to think about the laws and rules that are in force to help protect us every day. There are really so many things that we do get for what we put into our government funds. Even with all that we do get, there are many that seem to feel that we never get enough back for what we put in.

Socialism or Marxist Ideologies Begin

When attitudes like this begin to prevail we are establishing the inroads needed by those with Marxist ideologies to sow the seeds of a socialistic society. It begins rather slowly with the government handing out a little here and a little there. Soon the handouts are more frequent. The handouts don’t have to be large, they just need to be things that the people want that they are unwilling to work for to attain on their own. Once cell phones became very popular, everyone decided that they had to have one even if they knew they couldn’t afford one on their own. They petitioned the government to hand out cell phones to those unable to get their own. Very quickly those people became reliant upon the government to provide for them something they would not get on their own.

What else are people reliant upon the government for? Some depend on the government for most of their everyday essentials. Things like free or highly subsidized housing. Food and nutrition services. Health and medical services and more. With all of these things being handed out, there are many people who will not take the initiative needed to ever pull themselves away from being dependent upon the government for these basics. The government can then mold the philosophies of these people very easily. So much so are these thoughts that once something else comes along they demand that government provide it for them. These people are then pawns of government. So much so that they will do whatever it takes to prevent the basics from being taken away from them.

Creation of Socialists

We have now created socialists. In a socialistic society, the government decides what you are to get and when you are to get it. With all of this power, a socialist government can then begin to control everyone with its policies. They do this by beginning to take away from the people that have worked to attain more. This can be done through higher taxation that is then used to give more to others. Soon you find that people who once were happy to go out and work for everything they have, are now ready to take what is being handed out rather than to work. After all, why work so hard when you can have so many things for free.

These practices may begin slowly and without much fanfare. However with time, they continue to grow and soon many, if not most people are happy to go along with the socialistic practices being exercised.

Our Free Republic Ceases To Exist

What happens then? The free republic we once knew has changed to a society of socialists.

Some may say that this can’t happen. They say that we would catch ourselves and not allow this to happen to us. However, these changes don’t always happen rapidly. It’s not like there is a simple overnight change. It may take one hundred years for everything to fully transition itself, but slowly, over time, changes are being made. Those in power are never afraid of these changes. They will always be protected and will always have enough that they don’t have to worry about what the people are given. When the people are issued the very minimum for survival, those at the top will live lavishly.

The Handouts Are Fewer and Needed More

A prime example of this is found in North Korea. Although we don’t hear anyone say they want to live that way, we hear very few people say no to handouts. This is because everyone feels they deserve more until there is no more to be given. The North Korean government gives only what it wants to its citizens while everyone toils away for the common good.

They took so many handouts that the government now controls what they will or will not provide to the people. The government controls what everyone can or can’t have.

Our current liberal leaders seem to be following the path that will lead us to socialism. They are willing to give more and more so that the people will follow them and their policies.

Freedom of Speech

While we have outlined some of what will lead to a socialistic government. we can’t forget about the things we can or cannot say. One of the first things that the government will begin to take is your right to freedom of speech. Our First Amendment rights will be gradually taken away so that we can not contest anything being told to us. Mike Lindell is acutely aware of this and is doing something about it. Mike has established a new social platform called Frank Speech. Here you will find many experts who regularly outline what is happening to us right now. We can’t let our rights to speak frankly about the things that affect all of us be trampled upon.

If you are concerned about what is happening to conservatives and our nation, then you owe it to yourself to learn more at You need to learn how to stand up to those that would permanently transform our way of life and the future for our children. You need to get involved and recognize what is happening right now. While we all love to get things for free, is this good for us? Is this good for our nation and our future?

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