Are The Liberal Left Creating Crime Sprees?

Are The Liberal Left Creating Crime Sprees?

Are the liberal left and the democratic party with their views causing the crime spree that seems to be going on all across America? It appears like the liberal left policymakers are harming everyone in our country with their ways of looking at crime and punishment.

Every day we turn on the radio or another outlet for informational news and we seem to hear almost nothing but bad news in our country. We hear about massive crime sprees almost everywhere. But, when we take a look at where all of this crime is occurring it seems that the majority of what we are being told about is happening in democratic lead cities. Why is this, and what can we do about all of it?

Time To Clean House

If we were to answer this question rather bluntly we would have to say that it is time to clear out the left. Also, replace those in political power with people that believe in law and order. Rather than letting the hoodrats take over the streets of our large cities as it seems it is and has been for quite some time. Maybe as registered voters, we all need to head to the polls and take direct aim at removing those radicals on the left. We need to elect public officials with conservative views to rid ourselves of rampant crime.

Violence Is All Too Common

People committing crimes today seem to be more inclined to use any form of violence in whatever they are doing. Let’s take a look at just a few of the major cities in America and how the crime rate compares to places elsewhere. Recently California and more specifically the L.A. area were being hit using organized gangs to reach their goals. They formed groups of people all armed with bats, hammers, metal bars, and the like to perform smash and grab robberies. This type of violent crime is not limited to the Los Angeles area only. It has spread to other places like San Francisco, Chicago, and New York.

Take a look at these areas and you will see that these areas are not only poorer than many other places. Guess what else these places all have in common? They are all run by democratic leaders. Is this coincidental? We don’t think so and part of the reason we feel this way is because of what else is happening. Those in Los Angeles suspected of committing these crimes we rounded up and arrested. Now you would think that violent crimes of this nature would call for immediate jail with high bail amounts. Instead, with crimes that cost business owners over $340,000.00 these crooks were all released shortly after being arrested. They all bonded out or met no-bail criteria. To give an indication of how bad all of this is, one suspect was released as a juvenile.

With judges that allow this treatment, is it any wonder that crime continually grows and causes the citizenry to cower or run with fear. 

But, instead of allowing these types of things to continue, the voters continue to elect or reelect the same politicians and judges.

Chicago’s Liberal Mayor

While crimes of this nature continue to increase we are also seeing violence persist and grow. Take a look at Chicago where we are no longer hearing about everything going on there. Each weekend there are many shootings of people. Some of the shootings are crimes of passion while some are perpetrated against innocent people. The Mayor of the city wants to keep all of this under wraps as much as possible. Why? Because she simply has no idea of how to begin to contain this violence. She talks a good line but the reality of it is, that all of this continues to increase.

Crime in Minneapolis

Let’s also take a look at what went on during the summer of 2020. In Minneapolis where a known criminal with a lengthy record was killed by a white police officer. The city went into riot mode and the police were told to not do anything to stop what was going on. We do not agree with what sparked the outrage. No one should be blatantly killed by someone sworn to protect the people (all of the people). But, by the same token, this does not mean that people should go into the streets and set fire to private businesses or loot the things that they had no right to. In the meantime, as people’s livelihoods were being destroyed, people who had no involvement in what had taken place, the police were ordered by the liberal leaders to “stand down” and simply watch as their city was being destroyed.

Later, after most of the smoke had cleared there were many who clamored to “defund the police”. If this had taken place prior to any of this happening there probably wouldn’t have been anything left in Minneapolis. At least there were police on hand as so much of the city was destroyed and this helped to somewhat contain the damage. Oh, and this “defund the police” was also called for in Los Angeles. We can only ask, “how is that working out for you?”

Liberal Left Weak Policies

The examples shown here are only a few of what is going on nationwide where there is socialist left leadership. Why so much in these areas? We can only say that they don’t have what it takes to stand up for what is right and wrong. So many of these leaders live in gated communities and are guarded with their own security systems along with direct police guards. As a result, they are never directly affected by what is happening in the world they are in charge of.

When something does happen that they are affected they call for more and stronger police protection along with more walls to keep others from them. A case in point here is what happened in Washington. After the lawmakers were stormed, people like Nancy Pelosi demanded that full-time fencing be installed to help protect her and her cronies. She demanded that more police officers be assigned to protect her and the others. All the while, all across America cities were burning and police were unable to do the job they had been hired to do.

Nothing New Here

All of this is not new. It’s been going on for a long time and it has been increasing all the while. We are more aware of it due to the vast resources available to us now. A good case in point for all of this was the experiences I watched happen to my father. He was a police officer from 1956-1963. In one instance he was slandered by national media after one of the largest bank robberies of the time. He and other officers were accused of not doing their jobs when the robber got away. One of the papers you see in the checkout line at the grocery store blared in huge letters on its cover about how they left the guy getaway.

Police were villainized then and are even more so now all by the liberal media and the court system. These are people that we all want around when crime reaches us, but we want them to go away at other times. The democrats scream to defund the police. The courts let the criminals go with either a slap on the wrist or no real punishment until they go out and do it all over again. Along with what I stated above, my dad finally left the police department because of all of the times that he was sitting there filling out paperwork on the incident and the person just arrested was walking out of the police station and laughing about what they had just done.

Conservative Voices

It’s time for our conservative voices to be heard. It’s time that we all get out there and vote the right way. When there is no real right way due to candidates being shoved at us, then it’s time to make a real stand. Make sure that somehow we have the right candidate to vote for. In the meantime, you can watch more about what is happening to our country and participate in conversations relating to what is going by visiting Frank Speech. Sign up to view online or Stream through their Roku channel.