Are Conservatives Liars and Traitors?

Are Conservatives Liars and Traitors?

Are Conservatives Liars and Traitors? You hear these terms almost every day. Someone says liars and someone else says, traitors. You wonder who they’re referring to when these types of people are mentioned. Stop wondering. The people generally being referred to are you if you have a conservative viewpoint.

Imagine that. Conservatives are referred to as being traitors to their country. Liars when they speak of things happening in our country. Things like election fraud are going on around us and when we try to speak up about these issues we are told that we are treasonous liars.

It seems that the left would make out anyone to be un-American if they feel that there were some improprieties during the most recent presidential election. They would have you marked as un-American if you ask about how President Biden could win this election. You are labeled as a liar or a traitor when you exercise your First Amendment right to freedom of speech by asking questions on this topic.

Conservatives Liars and Traitors Is It Really You?

Is it you who is un-American or is it those from the left? When you look at the things that are going on around us every day and the policies they would like to implement, you might say, they are the liars and the traitors. They are trying desperately to make America a Marxist state. They want you to believe their lies and just follow along without question. Follow along as they try to give you everything you need so you become dependent upon them.

The lies are that this is a temporary situation that is needed due to the pandemic. We agree that a certain amount is needed to help us along. But what we see is the government giving to those that do not want to work for what they get and then becoming fully reliant upon the giving. Once in this position, they can then begin taking away as they see fit and trying to make you understand that this is for the common good.

The Lies

These types of lies have been used at different times in history around the world. The outcome of all of this has not been something that most Americans truly want. We are a nation that relies upon itself and our own efforts to get the things we want and need. Because of this, we are not able to be led like blind sheep to follow any rules that someone else sets for us. We do not want to be a Marxist or Socialistic society.

As the leaders of the left tell their lies they are the ones who are truly traitors to our country. We are not the liars nor the traitors we are being made out to be. In addition, we love our republic and we want it to continue for hundreds of years longer. We want to be the country that everyone else around the world wishes to be.

We Are Not Liars or Traitors

The statement, Conservatives liars and traitors is NOT true at all. We are conservatives that believe in our freedom. Also, we believe in our right to speak frankly about the issues that affect us all.

Let’s not allow ourselves to be led blindly into a form of government that we will not be able to break free of. The exercise of our First Amendment rights makes us true patriots. We are not liars or traitors. Also, we are standing up for what is right. We know who the real liars and traitors are and it is not us.

Join us in identifying the real traitors with all of their lies. Join us while we still have the power to do things right and just for our society. Don’t allow yourself to be led along the path to socialism. Exercise your right to our First Amendment and help to keep America great.