About Frank Speech Online

Your Voice Being Drowned Out

Does it seem to you that the conservative voices in this country are being drowned out by liberal media?

We think so too. We don’t feel as though we can continue to allow this without standing up for ourselves and by shouting out as loudly as possible, by as many people as possible to counter what we feel is an injustice to America. It really doesn’t matter what your political affiliation is. You may lean liberal on some issues and conservative on others. Both views should be given a voice freely.

Injustices In America

Turn on any news media or social media and what you will probably hear is all of the alleged injustices occurring in America. Or at least this is the message that our liberal counterparts are trying so desperately to make everyone believe. We believe that the injustices that they speak of, for the most part, do not exist. At least not to the levels they would have us believe. While they would have you believe that no one can make anything of themselves without their influence, we believe that everyone has the opportunity to get ahead. Then they can stay ahead by applying themselves and taking advantage of all of the freedoms that exist in our great nation.

Our American Freedoms

The greatest freedom we have in America is our freedom of speech and our right to speak the things we wish to say without repercussion. At Frank Speech Online we intend to make our voice and your voice heard and we intend to change the narrative from one of oppression to one of free expression. We will explore all of the things happening in our country that are aimed at taking control of everyone’s lives.  And, we will share news and info that will help show how you can fight back and take part in this fight. We will do all we can to openly expose all of the wrongs being committed daily and relay them to our visitors. Everyone must take part in order to stop them from happening.

Your Invitation

We invite you to explore our site and to also follow some of the links we may post to other like-minded sites. We encourage you to visit FRANK the Voice of Free Speech, Ride Side Broadcast, or one of the other freedom of expression social media networks, broadcast networks, podcast subscribers, or website visitors.  Finally, become part of the Frank Speech family of individuals, and influencers that are driven to take back our country from a liberal Socialist agenda. Let’s get back to our country’s founding principles.