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Trump at the Trump Rally In Wellington, Ohio

President Donald J. Trump’s Speech At Trump Rally In Wellington Ohio.

Mike Lindell at CPAC

Mike Lindell At CPAC On The Symposium In Sioux Falls with Brandon Howse.

Charlie Kirk

Speaks At MAGA Frank Rally – On doing the event: “When you say I can’t do that, I want to do it even more.”

Charlie Kirk spoke at the Frank Rally in Richmond, Wisconsin. Charlie encourages people to question their government. Make sure you find out the whole truth before coming to conclusions.

The Savvy Truth

Monologue – The Fed prints money, but where does it all come from?

For this edition of the Savvy Truth, Savana from Texas covers subjects about the economy. Also, how the 2 trillion-dollar stimulus, and soon-to-be 1.8 trillion dollar family bailout will affect everyone. Could this mean trouble for mortgage rates?

Sheriff Clark

Speaks Richmond WI Rally – “If we’re going to save America, it has to happen at the state level.”

Sheriff David Clark of Milwaukee County spoke at the Frank Rally in Richmond, Wisconsin. Sheriff Clark lets us know about the state of Police officers in today’s environment. In addition, he encourages the cleaning up of Washington DC politics for everyone!

For Liberty’s Sake

Interview with The Truth Matters Team

Eric Thompson, informs everyone on the latest news about politics and the strategies Democrats and President Biden are currently doing. Also, the team takes a look at the upcoming elections in 2022.

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